Technical Meeting on State-of-the-art Thermal Hydraulics of Fast Reactors

C.R. ENEA, Camugnano, Italy

C.R. ENEA, Camugnano, Italy

The purpose of the event is to discuss experiences and the latest innovations and technological challenges related to thermalhydraulics of fast reactors.

The main objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Promote and facilitate the exchange of information on thermalhydraulics of fast reactors at the national and international levels;
  • Present and discuss the current status of R&D in this field;
  • Discuss and identify R&D needs and gaps to assess the future requirements in the field, which should eventually lead to efforts being concentrated in the key lacking areas;
  • Enable the integration of research on thermalhydraulics in Member States to support the development of new technologies that have a higher level of technological readiness;
  • Provide recommendations to the IAEA for future joint efforts and coordinated research activities (if required) in the field; and
  • Prepare a reference document summarizing the work presented by the participants, including the findings of the study in the standard IAEA publications format.
Action Date
Submission of the Participation Form (Form A)
Submission of the Form for Submission of a Paper (Form B)
Submission of the Grant Application Form (Form C), if applicable
1 July 2022
Abstract submission deadline 15 March 2021
Notification of acceptance of abstract by the IAEA 1 June 2021
Full paper submission deadline / Start of peer review 1 June 2022
Review comments submitted to authors 1 August 2022
Technical Meeting in Camugnano (Italy) 26-30 September 2022
Final deadline for revised papers 20 September 2022

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