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Oct 22 – 27, 2018
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre
Asia/Kolkata timezone

Fusion Energy Development Applications Utilizing the Spherical Tokamak and Associated Research Needs and Tools

Oct 22, 2018, 2:00 PM
4h 45m
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Gandhinagar (nearest Airport: Ahmedabad), India
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Dr Jonathan Menard (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)


The spectrum of scientific and technological gaps that must be closed to achieve practical fusion energy using magnetically confined plasmas has been extensively documented. A common barrier to narrowing or closing these gaps is the scale and cost of fusion facilities needed to address the gaps. The low-aspect-ratio “spherical torus/tokamak” (ST) is being explored world-wide as a potentially attractive configuration for closing scientific gaps and demonstrating technical achievements on a path toward a demonstration power plant and as a more compact and/or modular fusion power source in its own right. The international fusion community is presently assessing the suitability of the ST for applications to advance fusion energy development including: developing solutions for the plasma-material-interface (PMI) challenge,fusion-fission hybrid systems, developing fusion components capable of withstanding high fusion neutron flux and fluence including breeding blankets, demonstrating electricity break-even from a pure fusion system, and electricity production at industrial levels in modular and/or larger-scale fusion power plants. This range of fusion energy development applications utilizing the ST will be described, common application-driven research needs discussed, upcoming and recently achieved ST facility capabilities and relevant highlights described, and near-term prioritized ST research directions supporting longer-term fusion energy development applications presented.
Country or International Organization United States of America
Paper Number OV/P-6

Primary author

Dr Jonathan Menard (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)


Dr Brian Lloyd (Culham Center for Fusion Energy) Prof. Bruce Lipschultz (University of York) Dr David Kingham (Tokamak Energy Ltd) Dr Franco Alladio (ENEA, Istituto Confucio, Universita' la Sapienza, Rome, Italy) Prof. Howard Wilson (University of York) Dr James Harrison (CCFE) Prof. Kazuaki Hanada (Advanced Fusion Research Center, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University) Dr Masayuki Ono (PPPL/Princeton University) Dr Matthew Reinke (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) Prof. Mikhail Gryaznevich (Tokamak Energy Ltd) Mr Nikolai Bakharev (Ioffe Institute) Prof. Raymond Fonck (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Richard Majeski (Princeton Plasma Physics Lab) Dr Vasily Gusev (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute) Prof. Yasushi Ono (University of Tokyo) Prof. Yong-Seok Hwang (Seoul National University) Prof. Yuichi Takase (University of Tokyo) Prof. Zhe Gao (Tsinghua University)

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