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22-27 October 2018
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre
Asia/Kolkata timezone

Application of Finite Element Techniques in Simulation of Mechanical Design and Performance Assessment of Different Components of a Neutral Beam Systems

23 Oct 2018, 08:30
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Gandhinagar (nearest Airport: Ahmedabad), India
Poster FIP - Fusion Engineering, Integration and Power Plant Design P1 Posters


Mr VENKATA NAGARAJU MUVVALA (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research)


Accelerators, Ion dumps and beam transport system for Neutral Beam application are designed to manage high heat loads in the range of 2-10MW/m2. The performance of these components under various damage criteria are assessed for their thermo-mechanical stability under various operating and faulty conditions. Due to the pulse nature (3s ON/ 20s OFF with 5 Hz modulation) of beam operation, components often exposed to cyclic thermal loads. Further, the above system is incorporated with large number of flexible elements (e.g. bellows, etc.) to absorb the thermal movements. For systems like accelerator and electrostatic residual ion dumps, there is an additional need of non-metallic components, like ceramics, which functions as electrical isolation as well act as structural elements. To assess diverse nature of such systems with complex loading requirements, Finite Element Analysis tools (e.g. ANSYS, CFX, SYSWELD, etc.) have been employed as part of design evolution and results are verified according to codes and standards (ASME / RCC-MR / EJMA). The experimental validation of effectiveness of these assessment have been also performed by prototype testing and performing the tests on the real manufactured products. It is also important to note that, the tools are also useful to address the in-process manufacturing modification those may arise due to feasibility constraints. The paper shall present some of the important simulations results on 10MW/m2 capability of Heat Transfer elements, functional tests on 100 kV post insulators, bellows assessment in water lines, CFD simulations for beam source components, etc.
Paper Number FIP/P1-26
Country or International Organization India

Primary author

Mr VENKATA NAGARAJU MUVVALA (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research)


Arun Kumar Chakraborty (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research) Mr Ashish Yadav (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research) Mr Dhananjay Singh (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research) Mr Dheeraj Sharma (Institute for Plasma Research) Mr Hitesh Patel (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research) Mr Jaydeepkumar Joshi (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research) Dr MAINAK MAINAK BANDYOPADHYAY (ITER-INDIA, INSTITUTE FOR PLASMA RESEARCH) Dr Mahendrajit Singh (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research) Dr Sejal Shah (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research) Mr Suraj Pillai (ITER-India, Institute for Plasma Research)

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