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22-27 October 2018
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre
Asia/Kolkata timezone

Hollow pellets for magnetic fusion

23 Oct 2018, 08:30
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Gandhinagar (nearest Airport: Ahmedabad), India
Poster FIP - Fusion Engineering, Integration and Power Plant Design P1 Posters


Dr Zhehui Wang (Los Alamos National Laboratory)


Motivated by edge localized mode (ELM) control in H-mode plasmas, we summarize experimental and theoretical progress in MHD physics of plasma interaction with small pellets ranging from 10s of microns to a few mm in size. Layered spherical structures with a hollow core (“hollow pellets”) are attractive in comparison with solid spheres and gas puffing. Theoretical results based on multi-fluid calculations of pellet-induced cold plasmoid formation and interactions with background plasmas are given. The experimental results include a new dual-spectroscopy technique for imaging of ELMs and fabrication of prototype hollow pellets.
Paper Number FIP/P1-3
Country or International Organization United States of America

Primary author

Dr Zhehui Wang (Los Alamos National Laboratory)


Dr Eric Hollmann (University of California, San Diego, USA) Dr Jiansheng Hu (Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) Dr Jonathan Menard (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) Dr Mark Hoffbauer (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA) Dr Rajesh Maingi (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) Xueqiao Xu (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Dr Yu-min Wang (Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

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