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22-27 October 2018
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre
Asia/Kolkata timezone

Overview of the Validation Activities of IFMIF/EVEDA: LIPAc, the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator and LiFus6, the Lithium Corrosion Induced Facility

23 Oct 2018, 09:20
Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Mahatma Mandir Conference Centre

Gandhinagar (nearest Airport: Ahmedabad), India
Overview OV - Overviews OV/3 Overview Magnetic Fusion


Masayoshi Sugimoto (QST-Rokkasho)


In this report, the latest results of the validation activities of the IFMIF/EVEDA project under the Broader Approach agreement are overviewed. For the Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) to demonstrate the 9MeV/125mA D+ beam acceleration, the beam qualification study of the injector was completed with the emittance of 0.16 pi mm mrad smaller than required 0.3 pi mm mrad, and the maximum vane voltage in the RFQ cavity was achieved at 143kV exceeding the required 132kV. These components and other subsystems of LIPAc are ready to inject the beam to RFQ to provide the 5MeV D+ beam. The Superconducting RF linac necessary for the 9MeV D+ beam is close to the end of manufacturing phase to start its final assembly in Rokkasho. For the liquid lithium loop activities, 4,000 hours lithium corrosion test of the Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic steels using the LiFus6 were completed and verified that the corrosion rate can be kept under control and well below the requirement of 1 micro-m/y, after achieving a good purity of lithium, < 30ppm N.
Paper Number OV/3-3
Country or International Organization Japan

Primary author

Masayoshi Sugimoto (QST-Rokkasho)


Dr Alvaro Marqueta (F4E-Garching) Dr Andrea Pisent (INFN-LNL) Dr Antonio Aiello (ENEA-Brasimone) Dr Antonio Palmieri (INFN-LNL) Dr Antti Jokinen (IFMIF/EVEDA ILIC Unit) Dr Atsushi Kasugai (QST-Rokkasho) Dr Benoit Bolzon (CEA/Saclay) Dr Bertrand Renard (CEA/Saclay) Dr Cuzzani de la Moreno (INFN-LNL) Dr Damiano Bortolato (INFN-LNL) Dr David Jimenez-Rey (CIEMAT) Dr David Regidor (CIEMAT) Dr Dominique Gex (F4E-Garching) Dr Enrico Fagotti (INFN-LNL) Dr Francesco Grespan (INFN-LNL) Dr Francesco Scantamburlo (IFMIF/EVEDA ILIC Unit) Dr Gioacchino Micciche (ENEA-Brasimone) Guiseppe Pruneri (IFMIF/EVEDA ILIC Unit) Dr Guy Phillips (F4E-Garching) Dr Hervé Dzitko (F4E-Garching) Dr Igor Kirpitchev (CIEMAT) Dr Ivan Moya (IFMIF/EVEDA ILIC Unit) Dr Ivan Podadera (CIEMAT) Dr Jacques Marroncle (CEA/Scalay) Dr Joaquin Molla (CIEMAT) Dr Keishi Sakamoto (QST-Rokkasho) Dr Keitaro Kondo (QST-Rokkasho) Dr Loris Antoniazzi (INFN-LNL) Dr Luca Bellan (INFN-LNL) Dr Maurizio Montis (INFN-LNL) Dr Michele Comunian (INFN-LNL) Dr Moises Weber (IFMIF/EVEDA ILIC Unit) Dr Nicolas Bazin (CEA/Saclay) Dr Nicolas Chauvin (CEA/Saclay) Dr Paolo Favuzza (ENEA-Brasimone) Dr Philippe Abbon (CEA/Saclay) Mr Philippe CARA (F4E-Garching) Dr Pierre-Yves Beauvais (F4E-Garching) Dr Purificacion Mendez (CIEMAT) Dr Rapahel Gobin (CEA/Saclay) Dr Roland Heidinger (F4E-Garching) Dr Ryo Ichimiya (QST-Rokkasho) Dr Stephane Chel (CEA/Saclay) Dr Sunao Maebara (QST-Rokkasho) Dr Takahiro Shinya (QST-Rokkasho) Takashi Ebisawa (QST-Rokkasho) Dr Tomoya Akagi (QST-Rokkasho) Dr Yosuke Hirata (QST-Rokkasho) Dr juan knaster (IFMIF/EVEDA ILIC Unit)

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