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Jun 20 – 24, 2022
IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria
Europe/Vienna timezone

Naming Convention for all Files

Naming Convention

All full paper must be titled with the reference number assigned to your paper which was provided to you in the notification of authors email.

  • Sample: IAEA-CN-295-400

If you have not recorded this number you can find it by navigating to the Indico home page and selecting 'My Contributions' from the menu on the left. Find the relevant paper and note the number listed under the 'ID' column. This is your Indico ID number.

Simply add this to the end of IAEA-CN-295-

This is your complete reference number and must be used for the title of all full papers submitted.

For all other material being uploaded to Indico, please use the above reference number followed by: 

  • ORA:   Oral presentation
  • ICP:    Interactive Content Presentation
  • PAN:   Panellist presentation
  • POS:   Poster presentation
  • OTH:   Other


  • Sample: IAEA-CN-295-400-ICP