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Apr 19 – 22, 2022
Vienna, Austria
Europe/Vienna timezone
FR22 starts in Vienna 19 - 22 April 2022 Online Stream:

Sustainability of nuclear and non-nuclear power generation options under Russian conditions: a comparative evaluation study

Apr 19, 2022, 3:10 PM
Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

POSTER Track 7. Sustainability: Economics, Environment, and Proliferation Poster Session


Stepan Kviatkovskii (SC Rosatom)


This article provides the results of a case study on a comparative evaluation and ranking of six power generation technologies including 2 nuclear, 2 fossil fuel and 2 renewable power generation options. The performed analysis was based on the combination of the approaches proposed within the project New Energy Externalities Development for Sustainability (the NEEDS project) and the INPRO/IAEA KIND collaborative project (so-called the integrated NEEDS & KIND framework). The set of key indicators (36 key indicators arranged in a four-level objectives tree) along with approaches for their assessment including relevant databases were borrowed from the NEEDS project and adapted for the present study. The approach for judgments aggregation is based on the IAEA/INPRO approach to carrying out comparative evaluations (the KIND approach). Also, the study includes the results of the advanced sensitivity/uncertainty treatment with respect to weighing factors and key indicators using relevant tools developed within the INPRO/IAEA CENESO collaborative project. The presented results demonstrate the outstanding performances of nuclear power technologies (especially fast reactor technologies) for meeting sustainable energy development goals in the case of Russia whose performance even better than the performance of renewable energy sources.
Keywords: power generation technologies, multi-criteria analysis, ranking, uncertainty / sensitivity analysis, project NEEDS, project KIND, IAEA, INPRO

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Affiliation/Organization SC Rosatom, Private Enterprise “Science and Innovations”, Center

Primary authors

Andrei Andrianov (INPE NNRU MEPhI) Stepan Kviatkovskii (SC Rosatom) Mr Pavel Ptitsyn (SC Rosatom, Private Enterprise “Science and Innovations”, Center of Analytical R&D ) Mr Ilya Kuptsov (SC Rosatom, Private Enterprise “Science and Innovations”, Center of Analytical R&D)

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