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Apr 19 – 22, 2022
Vienna, Austria
Europe/Vienna timezone
FR22 starts in Vienna 19 - 22 April 2022 Online Stream:

Thematic Tracks

The conference programme will include plenary and parallel sessions, poster sessions, panel discussions and a Young Generation Event.

The IAEA welcomes high quality contributions that fall under the umbrella of the nine topics listed below: 

Track 1. ​Innovative fast reactor designs

  • Basic reactor and core designs
  • SFR design features
  • LFR design features
  • ADS design features
  • Fast neutron microreactors
  • Other fast reactor designs
  • Fast reactors for cogeneration and integrated energy systems
  • System and component design and qualification


​​Track 2. Fast reactor safety

  • Safety by design approaches, passive safety systems
  • Harmonization of safety requirements
  • Core disruptive accidents
  • Probabilistic safety assessment
  • Special Session on IAEA CRP “Modelling and Simulation of Source Term for SFR under Hypothetical Severe Accident”
  • Special Session on IAEA CRP “Benchmark Analysis of FFTF Loss of Flow Without Scram Test”


​​Track 3. Fuels, fuel cycles and waste management

  • Development of innovative fuels: Design, manufacturing, thermo-physical properties, irradiation experiments and post irradiation examinations of advanced fuels
  • Fuel performance and qualification
  • Closing the fuel cycle (actinides multirecycling, P&T, etc.)
    • Reprocessing and partitioning
    • Waste minimization and approaches to manage generated waste
  • Reprocessing and partitioning
  • Waste minimization and approaches to manage generated waste
  • Safety of processes and facilities


​​Track 4. Fast reactor materials (coolants, structures) and components

  • Advances in coolant technology
  • Innovative structural materials
  • Component technology


​​Track 5. Test facilities and experiments

  • Experimental facilities under design, construction or operation
  • Experimental tests and results
  • Remaining gaps and needs


​​Track 6. Modelling, simulations and digitalization

  • Neutronics simulations
  • Advances in fast reactor thermal hydraulics
  • Coupled and multiphysics simulations
  • Verification and validation
  • Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
  • Digitalization of reactor models
  • Special Session on IAEA CRP “Neutronics Benchmark of CEFR Start-Up Tests”
  • Special Session on "Open Source Nuclear Codes for Reactor Analysis (ONCORE)"


Track 7. ​ Sustainability: Economics, environment and proliferation

  • Sustainability of innovative fast neutron systems
  • Public support
  • Integration with other energy sources (hybrid energy systems)
  • Non-proliferation issues and proliferation-resistant-by-design concepts


​​Track 8. ​Commissioning, Operation and Decommissioning

  • Commissioning and operation of SFRs
  • In-service inspection and repair, instrumentation
  • Decommissioning (including management of waste arising from decommissioning)


Track 9. Education, professional development and knowledge management

  • Education and training: national and international programmes
  • Knowledge preservation and transfer
  • Projects on international collaboration, mobility and capacity building
  • Basic principles simulators for educational purposes