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Apr 19 – 22, 2022
Vienna, Austria
Europe/Vienna timezone
FR22 starts in Vienna 19 - 22 April 2022 Online Stream:

Multi-criteria comparison of the efficiency of minor actinides burning in different nuclear reactors based on the INPRO/IAEA KIND approach

Apr 21, 2022, 2:40 PM
Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

ORAL Track 3. Fuels, Fuel Cycles and Waste Management 3.3 Reprocessing, Partitioning, and Transmutation


Stepan Kviatkovskii (SC Rosatom)


This paper presents a comparison of the efficiency of minor actinides (MA) burning in various type of nuclear reactors with a fast neutron spectrum. A set of criteria for comprehensive comparison of reactor technologies, based on the INPRO/IAEA KIND approach to multi-criteria assessment, has been prepared. This set of criteria includes indicators in such areas as the efficiency of MA burning, economics, safety, environment, readiness of reactor technology and infrastructure for its implementation. The evaluation and comparison procedure was carried out using the KIND-ET tool. It is shown that a comprehensive multicriteria analysis of various aspects of the technologies, as expected, led to estimates that differ from the approach in which technologies are compared only single criterion and without taking into account the influence of other equally important factors. And the cumulative assessment of technologies largely depends on the set development objectives. This means that each of the listed options can take the first place in the rating when certain priorities are selected.
Keywords: multi-criteria evaluation, sodium fast reactors, lead fast reactors, MSR, technology comparison, project KIND, IAEA, INPRO.

Affiliation/Organization SC Rosatom, Private Enterprise “Science and Innovations”, Center
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Country/Int. organization Russian Federation
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Primary authors

Stepan Kviatkovskii (SC Rosatom) Ilya Zhuravlev Andrei Andrianov (INPE NNRU MEPhI) Mr Pavel Ptitsyn Mr Nikolay Arkhangelsky ( SC Rosatom, Private Enterprise “Science and Innovations”, Center of Analytical R&D (CARD))

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