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10-14 February 2020
Europe/Vienna timezone

Preparedness and Implementation of Nuclear Security Plan for MPEs in Viet Nam

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Paper MORC: Nuclear security as part of the security of major public events


Ms Thi Ngoc Mai THAN (Viet Nam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety)


Nuclear security for major public events (MPEs), such as a sporting event or a high-level political meeting is very important for each country, and the organization of these events presents unique security challenges, including possible threats involving nuclear or other radioactive material. Understanding these challenges, Viet Nam requested support from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to prepare and implement Nuclear Security Plans for several MPEs.
With the support from the IAEA, Viet Nam have implemented security plans for Hung King Temple Festival in 2016, APEC Summit in 2017 in Da Nang, and North Korea–United States (US) Summit in Hanoi in 2019. In order to execute these Security Plans, we developed Nuclear Security for MPE Architecture including the participation of various ministries and agencies under management of the Prime Minister, and a Joint Action Plan for the MPEs was developed between Viet Nam and the IAEA.
In order to organize the events we have planned Nuclear security response preparedness, such as organization of coordination meetings with experts from the IAEA and the US to discuss threat assessment, international assistance and nuclear security arrangements. Workshops, training courses, and technical visits to study and exchange experience on nuclear security for MPEs were conducted. During these training courses and workshops, we developed nuclear security scenarios and carried out exercises to enhance prevention, detection and response capability and to test the coordination among agencies involved. In preparation for MPEs, radiation detection instruments were installed, acceptance testing performed, detection and response procedures developed and tested, and pre-event radiological surveys and background mapping conducted.
Through the implementation of nuclear security plans for the MPEs, we recognize that it is important to have the involvement of the Government, the Ministry of Public Security and relevant Ministries; the valuable support of the IAEA and the US on providing experts, equipment, methods, and materials, and the great effort of the relevant organizations; and comprehensive preparedness. We also found that security for MPEs needs comprehensive planning, systematic preparation and effective implementation of the nuclear security plan at the MPE.
We believe that conducting such nuclear security activities is an important step in improving the capacity of and providing experience for organizations and individuals involved in planning and implementing nuclear security measures at other major public events in the future.

State Viet Nam
Gender Female

Primary author

Ms Thi Ngoc Mai THAN (Viet Nam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety)


Mr Tuan Khai Nguyen (Viet Nam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety)

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