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The sustainable application of nuclear technologies for the benefit of humanity, in cancer therapy, generating low-carbon electricity, improving crop yields and many other applications is fully connected with the responsible management of wastes arising. Users of nuclear technologies acknowledge and embrace this responsibility and continue to make good progress.

Sharing this progress, exchanging ideas on lessons learned and identifying key areas of progress for the future are essential components which enable operators, regulators and senior government officials to further strengthen their programmes.

The techniques for the safe management of the various types of waste arising from the different applications are generally well established and extensive experience has been obtained in most areas. Nevertheless, radioactive waste remains an important item on the agenda of many Member States particularly those that need to increase their capabilities and capacities to manage waste safely and securely. This is also the case because of perceptions and misunderstandings concerning radioactive waste. Therefore, the subject continues to be highly topical.

The main objective of the Conference is to foster information exchange on current progress and solutions in the area of radioactive waste management. It is only through the effective, safe and secure implementation of radioactive waste management solutions that Member States can continue to benefit from nuclear technologies and nuclear energy production and, therefore, progress towards achieving a sustainable future.

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria

Scientific Secretaries of the Conference:

Mr Gerald Nieder-Westermann (NEFW)

Ms Felicia Dragolici (NEFW)

Mr Andrey Guskov (NSRW)

Mr David Bennett (NSRW)