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May 10 – 15, 2021
Virtual Event
Europe/Vienna timezone
The Conference will be held virtually from 10-15 May 2021

Programme Committee

Ms Elizabeth Surrey (Chair) | European Union

Mr Richard Buttery (Vice Chair) | United States of America

Mr Matthew Hole | Australia

Mr Guangnan Luo | China

Mr Min Xu | China

Mr Xavier Litaudon | European Commission

Mr Ivan Calvo | European Union

Mr Michael Gorley | European Union

Mr Andre Grosman | European Union

Ms Sylvie Jacquemot | European Union

Ms Elisabeth Wolfrum | European Union

Mr Arun Chakraborty | India

Mr Rajaraman Ganesh | India

Mr Richard Pitts | ITER Organization

Mr Shunsuke Ide | Japan

Mr Takashi Inoue | Japan

Mr Yasuaki Kishimoto | Japan

Mr Tomohiro Morisaki | Japan

Mr Yasuhiko Sentoku | Japan

Mr Jae-Min Kwon | Korea, Republic of

Mr Yong-Su Na | Korea, Republic of

Mr Ivan Vargas-Blanco | Latin America

Mr Boris Kuteev | Russian Federation

Mr Sergey Lebedev | Russian Federation

Mr Vladimir Pustovitov | Russian Federation

Mr David Hatch | United States of America

Mr Jerry Hughes | United States of America

Mr Matthew Lanctot | United States of America

Ms Tammy Ma | United States of America

Mr Mario Podestà | United States of America