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10-14 February 2020
Europe/Vienna timezone

Efforts of the ROK to enhance nuclear security awareness

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Paper CC: Nuclear security culture in practice with a focus on sustainability


Dr Hosik YOO (Korea Institute of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Control)


There have been many cases reported on security breached accident due to the lack of security
awareness around the world. This awareness on security that was called security culture was
especially important in the nuclear facility since its consequence was huge compared to other
facility. The international community including the IAEA has been making efforts to enhance
the awareness of nuclear security by discussing it as main agenda at nuclear security summit
and publishing guidebook as one of the nuclear security series. The ROK, which has 24 nuclear
power plants, has recognized the importance of nuclear security culture and has been
conducting many activities to increase the awareness of nuclear security of those who works at
nuclear facilities. The most effective ways to enhance the nuclear security culture is to provide
education and training to the staff including managing members. The ROK had prepared legal
base for mandatory training program on nuclear security in 2012. Every staff who works at
nuclear facility should take training class for 2 hours to 8 hours depending on his/her job
position mandatorily. A lot of hands-on activities were included in the program using the SETT
(SEcurity research, Training and Test facility) located in the KINAC. In addition, the ROK
had developed questionnaires to evaluate awareness of the nuclear security of the staff and has
been conducting survey annually since 2009. The survey was made up of a series of
questionnaires that were divided into four categories, beliefs and attitude, operating systems,
leadership behaviors and staff behaviors. More than 800 persons who worked at nuclear
facilities from over 10 different facilities had participated in the survey. Score of the awareness
increases gradually. Analysis was performed on the results of survey to figure out what
measures should be taken to enhance the awareness of nuclear security. Analysis results showed
that the respondents satisfied the items like responsibility of mission, training & exercises,
supervision & management, and awareness of information security. On the other hand, items
such as job definition, motivation for those who work in the security area, importance of duties,
and expertise were analyzed as those of which should be improved. The ROK has a plan to
develop customized training program depending on the kinds of audience such as for senior
management and safeguards officer. The survey will be also conducted continuously with more
sophisticated questionnaires.

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State Republic of Korea

Primary authors

Dr Hosik YOO (Korea Institute of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Control) Dr Seong-soon Jang (KINAC)

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