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Jul 8 – 12, 2024
Vienna International Centre
Europe/Vienna timezone

Keynote speakers

Brett Carlson (ITA)Reaction Mechanisms for Incident Nucleons and Complex Particles
Jutta Escher (LLNL)Surrogate Reaction Methods
Yoram Alhassid (Yale U)Nuclear Level Density Theory
Sophie Péru (CEA Bruyères)Photon Strength Function Theory
Sunniva Siem (Oslo U)Nuclear Level Density and Strength Function Measurements
Dario Vretenar (Zagreb U)Nuclear Fission Theory
Carl Brune (Ohio U)R-matrix Theory and Measurements
Gregory Potel (LLNL)The Optical Model
Maëllle Kerveno (IPHC)Neutron Inelastic Scattering
Stéphane Goriely (ULB)Nuclear Reactions for Astrophysics Applications
Helmut Leeb (TUW)Nuclear Data Evaluation
Daniel Cano (CIEMAT)Nuclear Data Measurements