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Abstracts and Proceedings

All presentations — other than invited keynote talks — must present original work and must not have been published elsewhere.

Persons who wish to present at the conference must submit an abstract on one of the topics listed in the Scientific Programme section. The abstract should give enough information on the contents of the proposed presentation to enable the Programme Committee to evaluate it. Introductory and general matters should not be included. The accepted abstracts will be reproduced in unedited form in the electronic Compilation of Abstracts which will be distributed to all participants at the conference.

Submission of Abstracts

Anyone wishing to present at the conference must submit an abstract in electronic format (no paper copies) directly to the IAEA. Instructions on how to upload the abstracts to the conference’s web browser-based file submission system (IAEA-INDICO) will be available on the conference web page ( Abstracts must be submitted through this system by 30 October 2020. No other form of submission will be accepted.

The submission should indicate to which of the topics outlined in the Scientific Programme Section (separated by tracks) it relates and the abstract content should be sequenced accordingly:

  • Background of the study;
  • Methodology;
  • Results; and
  • Conclusion.

The abstract:

  • Should be a maximum of 500 words (excluding title);
  • Should not include more than one figure, graph or table (please add as an attachment); and
  • Should not include references.

In addition, authors must submit the following two forms to their appropriate governmental authority or via one of the Invited Organisations for transmission to the IAEA. These forms must be received by the IAEA no later than 30  October 2020:

  • Participation Form (Form A); and
  • Form for Submission of a Presentation (Form B).

IMPORTANT: The electronically received abstracts will be considered by the Programme Committee only if these two forms have been received by the IAEA through the established official channels.

Only main authors that have been officially designated will be added in the Book of Abstracts. If you are presenting on behalf of someone, the author still needs to be officially designated through their competent authority. 

Acceptance of Abstracts for Presentations

The Secretariat reserves the right to exclude presentations that do not comply with its quality standards and do not apply to one of the topics in the Scientific Programme.

Authors will be informed by the end of November 2020 if their abstracts have been accepted for poster or oral presentation. The abstracts, if accepted by the Programme Committee, will also be reproduced unedited in the electronic Compilation of Abstracts which will be distributed to all participants at the conference.


The proceedings of the conference will be published by the IAEA as soon as possible after the conference. The proceedings will be made free to read online and print copies can be ordered, at a special discounted price.