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10-14 February 2020
Europe/Vienna timezone

Protection of Major Public Events against the Radiological Terrorist Threat: The Users’ Perspectives

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Paper MORC: Nuclear security as part of the security of major public events


Jean Galy (European Commission / Joint Research Centre)


As is widely recognised, there is not always a direct threat concerning the misuse of RN-materials during the planning of a major public event or whilst a major public event is in progress. However, if the competent security authorities deem it necessary, mobile radiation detection technology can be deployed at major public events. The radiation detection capability can be deployed by a supporting authority integrated into the security operation, for instance a radiation protection authority, or it can be deployed directly by the security authority itself.
The method of deployment of mobile radiation detection technology during a major public event varies depending on the type of detection deemed necessary by the competent security authority and on the type of equipment available. The strategy should be based on a threat and risk assessment for the major public event. For instance, the strategy could focus on the search for and detection of open and sealed nuclear and other radioactive material out of regulatory control before and/or during a major public event.

The European Commission has recently launched a new project, supported by DG HOME (EC Directorate General Migration and Home Affairs) to provide support enhancement of efficient networking and capacity building, offering EU Member States the opportunity to train representatives of their law enforcement national agencies in a state of the art facility to provide them with knowledge and hands on experience on how to detect and respond to the presence of nuclear materials in their field activities. One of the main activities is to support the transfer and the dissemination of knowledge necessary to spread rigorous nuclear Security Culture to the EU Members States. Under this scope, a workshop on securing major public event has been organized to share among EU Members states experience on training or on the use of dedicated detection equipment and technique in the frame of protecting a major public event.

The discussions highlighted lesson learned in, among others, planning and preparation for Nuclear Security Measures, tactics and approaches for deploying mobile detection technologies, assessment of information alerts and radiation detection instrument alarms, coordination with fixed equipment deployments, coordination with other national authorities and competencies, and the critical role of training.

This envisioned presentation will describe major outcomes from the users' perspective.

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Primary authors

Jean Galy (European Commission / Joint Research Centre) Wiktor Wojtas (European Commission / DG HOME)

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