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IAEA Symposium on International Safeguards

from Monday, 5 November 2018 (10:00) to Thursday, 8 November 2018 (18:30)
Vienna International Centre (M Building)

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5 Nov 2018
6 Nov 2018
7 Nov 2018
8 Nov 2018
Opening Plenary (until 13:00) (M Building)
ESPACE (Tuesday) (until 17:30) (M Building)
[CHA] Human Resources for Safeguards: Taking the Initiative (until 10:30) (M Building)
09:00 Department of Safeguards HR Challenges - Ms Marie Monteith (IAEA) Mr Nevest Perovic (IAEA)   (M Building)
09:05 Advancing Safeguards One Person at a Time: Developing "Safeguards Champions" - Ms Oksana Elkhamri (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)   (M Building)
09:10 APSN Surveys for the coordination of training efforts in Asia: results and challenges - Mrs Perpetua Rodriguez Ms Noriko Sumino (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) Dr Kalman Robertson   (M Building)
09:15 Enhancing SSAC’s capabilities - The Nuclear Regulatory Authority experience - Ms Agostina Serrano Bentancour (Nuclear Regulatory Authority)   (M Building)
09:20 Canada’s Experience with Building and Maintaining Safeguards Capability - Mr Omer Elahi (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)   (M Building)
09:25 Outreach Education and Training in Nuclear Safeguards and Non-Proliferation of the European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Mr Willem Alfons Marc Janssens (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, DIR G, Nuclear Security and Safeguards Department)   (M Building)
09:30 Integrating Nonproliferation and Safeguards into the Mandatory Curricula of Undergraduate STEM Programs - Dr Rian Bahran (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (M Building)
09:35 Principles and attributes for positive safeguards culture within the State - Dr Amira Elabd (Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority (ENRRA),)   (M Building)
09:40 Insights from the IAEA Human Capital Development Conference - Mr Matthew VAN SICKLE Shahid Mallick (IAEA)   (M Building)
09:45 IAEA Perspective - Ms Maria Anguelova Naydenova (IAEA)   (M Building)
[NEW] The Safeguards Challenges of New and Advanced Reactors (until 10:30) (Boardroom A)
[SGI] Enhancements and Innovation in Sample Collection and Analysis (until 10:30) (Press-room)
[NEW] The Safeguards Challenges of New and Advanced Reactors (until 12:30) (Press Room)
[SGI] Establishing and Strengthening State and Regional Systems of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material (S/RSACs) (until 12:30) (M Building)
[TEC] Automating and Optimizing Data Collection and Processing at HQ (until 12:30) (Boardroom A)
11:00 Big Data Analysis for Non-proliferation Purposes - Mr Ian Stewart (King's College London)   (Boardroom A)
11:07 Analysts versus Algorithms? Exploring the design of effective information analysis systems in the age of ‘Big Data’ - Dr Matthew Moran (King's College London)   (Boardroom A)
11:14 Using machine learning and natural language processing to enhance uranium mining and milling safeguards - Ms Jasmin Diab (University of New South Wales and Women in Nuclear Australia)   (Boardroom A)
11:21 Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Safeguards - Risa Haddal (Sandia National Laboratories)   (Boardroom A)
11:28 Semantic Graphs for Safeguards Data Integration, Pattern Matching, and Event Classification - Mrs Zoe Gastelum (Sandia National Laboratories)   (Boardroom A)
11:35 Report back on International Workshop on the Applicability of New Tools and Technologies for Non-Proliferation - Mr Ian Stewart (King's College London)   (Boardroom A)
11:36 OSIS 2.0: Optimizing Analyst-Driven Automation of Open Source Information Collection and Processing - Mr Thomas Skoeld (IAEA)   (Boardroom A)
11:37 Using iCore in Information Collection/Anlysis   (Boardroom A)
11:42 STEPS for the Modernization of Safeguards Information Analysis Tools   (Boardroom A)
ESPACE (Wednesday) (until 17:30) (M Building)
[CHA] Engaging Non-Traditional Sectors in Safeguards (until 10:30) (M2)
09:00 Scene Setter: IAEA experiences with engaging non-traditional sectors - Mr Dimitri Finker   (M2)
09:05 EC-JRC initiatives to sustain excellence and diversity in science - Dr Yetunde AREGBE (EC-JRC-IRMM)   (M2)
09:10 Safeguards by Design in Nuclear Engineering Design Courses - Ms Jill Cooley (Y-12 National Security Complex)   (M2)
09:15 Exploring Disruptive Technology for Safeguards Verification - Dr Arden Dougan (DOE)   (M2)
09:20 Nuclear Safeguards Communication in Thailand - Dr Boonchawee Srimok (Office of Atoms for Peace)   (M2)
09:25 Cross-sector Collaboration to Develop New Tools for Communication to Non-experts - Ms Morgan Matthews (N Square Collaborative)   (M2)
09:30 The Role of Professional Societies in Effective Communications for International Safeguards: How the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Supports Existing and Emerging Nuclear Materials Stewardship Communities - Ms Zoe Gastelum (Sandia National Laboratories)   (M2)
09:35 The European Research and Development Association (ESARDA) - Communication, coordination and collaboration in safeguards - Dr Irmgard Niemeyer (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)   (M2)
09:40 Strategic partnerships – Agency perspective - Ms Constanze WESTERVOSS (IAEA)   (M2)
09:45 Non-traditional sector R&D for safeguards in Australia - Mr Robert Floyd   (M2)
[NEW] Safeguards for New and Existing Facilities (until 10:30) (M Building)
[SGI] Streamlining Information-related Workflows: Small Holders/LOFs and AP Declarations (until 10:30) (Press-room)
[TEC] Blockchain and Safeguards (until 10:30) (M2)
09:00 Evaluation of a blockchain based nuclear materials accounting platform in Australia - Mr Edward Yu (UNSW Sydney)   (M2)
09:05 IT security and consensus mechanisms in private blockchains - Dr Christian Berghoff (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik)   (M2)
09:10 Distributed Ledger Technology used in nuclear non-proliferation safeguards? - Dr Stefan Nonneman (European Commission - Joint Research Centre)   (M2)
09:15 Blockchains for Safeguards: Technical, Legal and Political Considerations - Dr Matthew Moran (King's College London)   (M2)
09:25 Identifying Safeguards Use Cases for Blockchain Technology - Mrs Sarah Frazar (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)   (M2)
09:30 The Conceptual Introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Technology in Nuclear Material Accounting and Control at Facilities - Jihye Jeon (Sejong University)   (M2)
09:35 Blockchain and Safeguards Information Management: The potential for distributed ledger technology - Ms Cindy Vestergaard (Stimson Center)   (M2)
[New] Safeguards Techniques for New Facilities and Campaigns (until 12:30) (M Building)
[SGI] ISSAS Missions and SSAC Self-Assessment (until 12:30) (M2)
[TEC] Visualization for Information Integration (until 12:30) (Boardroom A)
11:00 Interactive data visualization techniques in the statistical analysis of multi-source data - Dr Matthias Auer (Instrumental Software Technologies, Inc.)   (Boardroom A)
11:20 Visualizing Safeguards Data in a Geographic Information System - Justin Reed (Argonne National Laboratory)   (Boardroom A)
11:27 3D technologies for Nuclear Safeguards applications: current and future developments - Dr Vitor Sequeira (European Commission)   (Boardroom A)
11:34 Geographic Data Integration/Interface - Michael Barletta (IAEA)   (Boardroom A)
11:41 Developing a Tool for Acquisition Path Analysis and Strategy (TAPAS) - Mr Clemens Listner (Consultant)   (Boardroom A)
11:42 Examining Inspection Frequency under the State-Level Concept - Dr Kenneth Jarman (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)   (Boardroom A)
11:43 Capabilities of the Acquisition Path Analysis Tool (APAT) for Integration of Multi-source Data - Dr Karen Miller (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Boardroom A)
ESPACE (Thursday) (until 17:30) (ESPACE)
[SGI] Partnerships, Networks and Regional Collaboration (until 10:30) (Boardroom A)
[TEC] Collection, Processing and Analysis of Satellite and Open Source Imagery Data (until 10:30) (M Building)
[TEC] Collection, Processing and Analysis of Surveillance Data (until 10:30) (M Building)
[CHA] Capacity Building: National Initiatives (until 12:30) (M Building)
11:00 Scene Setter: Recap from CHA-S2 Session - Therese Renis (IAEA)   (M Building)
11:12 Strategy for Strengthening Training and Qualification for U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s International Safeguards Analysts - David Hanks (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)   (M Building)
11:19 Strengthening Safeguards Capabilities within Public Company Nuclear Facilities of Serbia - Mr Miodrag Milenović (Public Company "Nuclear Facilities of Serbia")   (M Building)
11:26 Capacity Building in the UAE’s Young Nuclear Workforce - Ms Huda Al Tamimi (FANR)   (M Building)
11:33 The strengthening of the national safeguards system through an integrated 3S approach: a Cuban perspective. - Mr Jorge Luis Paredes Gilisman (Centro Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear)   (M Building)
11:40 OPTIMIZING SSAC HUMAN RESOURCES OF ARNR IN THE HYPOTHESIS OF A NUCLEAR PROGRAM - Mr Enrique Fernando MORALES (Autoridad Reguladora Nacional en Radioprotección (ARNR) - URUGUAY)   (M Building)
11:47 Development of Safeguards Infrastructure for Nuclear Power Programme in Ghana - Dr Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako (Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Ghana)   (M Building)
11:48 The education and training offer in nuclear safeguards within the EURATOM Research and Training project “ANNETTE” - Dr Riccardo Rossa (SCK-CEN)   (M Building)
11:49 An integration of Nuclear Safeguards with Nuclear Security - Dr Garima Sharma (Scientific Officer G)   (M Building)
11:50 The Role of the Russian Methodological and Training Center in SSAC of Russia - Mr Sergey Bogdanov (Alexandrovich)   (M Building)
11:51 SAFEGUARDS CAPACITY BUILDING – ARGENTINE EXPERIENCE - Ms Stella Maris Bonet Duran (Autoridad Regulatoria Nuclear)   (M Building)
11:52 Education and training activities of the International Nuclear Nonproliferation and Security Academy of the ROK - Mr JIN YOUNG LEE (Korea Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control(KINAC))   (M Building)
[NEW] Finding Efficiencies without Compromising Effectiveness (until 12:30) (M Building)
13:00 --- Sponsored Women Luncheon ---
Women's Panel (until 15:30) (M Building)
Women's Panel (until 15:30) (M Building)
[CHA] Keeping Pace with IT Security - Threat Intelligence for the IAEA/Nuclear Regulatory World (until 17:30) (M Building)
16:00 IAEA Scene Setter - Mr John Coyne (IAEA)   (M Building)
16:10 Quantum Computers and Preparing Future-Proof Encryption - Mr Nicholas Doiron (McKinsey & Company)   (M Building)
16:15 Industrial cyber security standard - IEC 62443 - Mr Erich Kronfuss (PHOENIX CONTACT GmbH)   (M Building)
16:20 Building Safeguards Technologies using Open Source Software and Hardware - Learning from the Maker Movement - Mr Moritz Kuett (Princeton University)   (M Building)
16:25 A proactive approach: Stopping insiders’ threats with machine-learning technology - Dr Jor-Shan Choi (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (retired))   (M Building)
16:30 Safeguards Information Security in Practice at Nuclear Regulatory Authority - Dr Emmanuel Ampomah-Amoako (Nuclear Regulatory Authority, Ghana)   (M Building)
16:35 National Infrastructure Security in EU - Dr Stephan Lechner   (M Building)
16:40 Cyber Security - Facility and Authority Perspectives - Mr Timo Vjander   (M Building)
16:45 UNODC Perspective - Mr Neil Walsh   (M Building)
16:50 Cyber Threat Expert - Mr Bojan Simetic   (M Building)
16:55 IAEA Perspective - Bernard Wishard (iaea) Ingo Naumann (IAEA)   (M Building)
[REC] Launching Session: Working for the IAEA (until 17:00) (Boardroom A)
[TEC] Recent Examples of Innovation in Safeguards (until 17:30) (M Building)
16:05 Soft Robotics for Safeguards Applications in Radiations Environments - Ms Amanda Rynes (Idaho National Laboratory)   (M Building)
16:10 Robotics Challenges for Radiological and Nuclear Reconnaissance Applications - Dr Frank Schneider (Fraunhofer)   (M Building)
16:15 Analysis of Select Unmanned Aerial Systems Application for International Safeguards - Mr Steven Horowitz (Sandia National Laboratories)   (M Building)
16:20 Autonomous Mobile Directionally and Spectrally Sensitive Neutron Detectors - Prof. Robert Goldston (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   (M Building)
16:25 Robotics for Safeguards Inspection - Drum store inspection - Mr Paul Flick (CSIRO AS)   (M Building)
16:30 The "BigLock" Smart Locking System - Mr Victor KRYLOV (Russian Federation)   (M Building)
16:35 Radar Imaging for Reliable Safeguard in Harsh Environment - Dr Reinhold Herschel (Fraunhofer-Institut für Hochfrequenzphysik und Radartechnik FHR)   (M Building)
16:40 Impact of UCMS on Safeguards effectiveness and efficiency - Dr Raffaele Bencardino (European Commission, EURATOM Safeguards)   (M Building)
16:45 Safeguards at Post Accident Facility - Case of Fukushima Dai-Ichi Site - Dr Osamu Aruga (Japan Safeguards Office)   (M Building)
16:50 Laser-Based Measurement Tools for Future Enrichment Plant Safeguards - Mr Norm Anheier (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)   (M Building)
16:50 Tamper-Indicating Enclosures with Visually Obvious Tamper Response - Dr Heidi Smartt (Sandia National Laboratories)   (M Building)
16:55 Development of a new confocal-macro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer built on 3D printer - Dr Imre Szalóki (Institute of Nuclear Techniques, Budapest University of Technology and Economics)   (M Building)
17:00 Nuclear Inspections in the Matrix: Virtual Reality for the Development of Inspection Approaches in New Facility Types - Mr Moritz Kuett   (M Building)
17:05 iDROP, a Promising Virtual Reality Tool to Assist Operations in Nuclear Facilities - Mrs Caroline CHABAL (CEA)   (M Building)
17:10 Virtual Reality - ISCN's Effective Capacity Building Tool - Ms Perpetua Rodriguez (JAEA/ISCN)   (M Building)
17:15 Augmented Reality off-the-shelf technologies for enhancement of on-site and post-inspection processes - Mr Dmytro Cherkashyn (Institute for Security and Safety at the Brandenburg University of Applied Studies)   (M Building)
17:20 3D Mapping and Visualization of Radioactive Sources for Nuclear Safeguards Applications - Andrew Haefner (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (M Building)
17:25 3S integration to support efficient and effective implementation of key Safeguard requirements: an overview of emerging state practices - Mr Alberto Luigi Muti (VERTIC)   (M Building)
17:25 Human Performance Testing for Cognitive Science-Informed Information Provision for International Nuclear Safeguards Inspectors - Ms Zoe Gastelum (Sandia National Laboratories)   (M Building)
17:25 Plutonium Diversion Detection Training (PDDT) for IAEA inspectors at the Idaho National Laboratory - Ms Claude NORMAN (International Atomic Energy Agency)   (M Building)
17:25 UAE Safeguards: A Frontline in Nuclear Non-Proliferation - Mr Luay Qassim (FANR)   (M Building)
Networking with IAEA Staff (until 17:30) (Outside Boardroom A)
17:30 --- Reception ---
[CHA] Globalization and the Changing Supply Chain for Knowledge, Expertise and Goods (until 15:30) (Boardroom A)
14:00 Scene Setter - Mr Willem Alfons Marc Janssens   (Boardroom A)
14:05 Responding to verification challenges caused by increasing nuclear-related trade - Ms Malin Ardhammar (International Atomic Energy Agency)   (Boardroom A)
14:12 Mapping technology and knowledge transfer networks - Dr Justin Hastings (University of Sydney)   (Boardroom A)
14:19 The Changing Architecture of Nuclear Trade: Trends in Manufacturing Base Supply and Demand - Dr Andrea Viski (Project Alpha, King's College London)   (Boardroom A)
14:26 Emerging dual-use technologies and global supply chain compliance - Dr FILIPPO SEVINI (EUROPEAN COMMISSION JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE)   (Boardroom A)
14:27 Additive Manufacturing: The Future for Safeguards - Dr Grant Christopher (Ridgeway Information)   (Boardroom A)
14:34 The use of trade statistics to map States’ nuclear related industrial capabilities - Ms Elena Marinova (IAEA)   (Boardroom A)
14:41 Potential Proliferation Indicators through Analysis of Trade in Non-Controlled Industrial Goods - Mr Stephen Francis (IAEA, SGIM)   (Boardroom A)
[NEW] Experience in Safeguards by Design for New Facility Types (until 15:30) (M Building)
[SGI] Establishing and Strengthening State and Regional Systems (until 15:30) (M Building)
[CHA] Non-proliferation and the Globalized Marketplace – Perspectives of International Organizations, National Authorities and Industry (until 17:30) (M2)
16:00 UAE Nuclear Export Controls: a Success Story - Mrs Maryam Alsehaimy (United Arab Emirates)   (M2)
16:05 Australian Counter-proliferation Architecture, Collaboration, Challenges and Opportunities - Dr Matt Ferguson (Australian Government)   (M2)
16:10 Trade networks and challenges for safeguards - Mrs Maryam Alsehaimy   (M2)
16:15 UNSCR/1540 Expert’s Outreach to Relevant Parties - Mr Mark Hibbs   (M2)
16:20 Nuclear suppliers group – addressing evolving supply chain - Mr Diego CANDANO LARIS   (M2)
16:25 Industry perspective on proliferation resistance - Mr Ralf Wirtz   (M2)
16:30 Responding to evolving proliferation challenges – the experience of the AP - Laura Rockwood (Harvard Kennedy School, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs)   (M2)
16:35 IAEA Contribution - Mr John DRUCE (IAEA)   (M2)
[SGI] Tools, Approaches and IT Systems for State Safeguards Reporting (until 17:30) (M Building)
[TEC] Advancements in Instrumentation Data Processing and Analysis (until 17:30) (M Building)
16:00 Verification Data Pattern Recognition and Change Detection at the Neutron Instrument Level - Dr Louise Worrall (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   (M Building)
16:07 Developments in Fresh Fuel Collar Measurements with Fast Neutron Detection - Dr Massimo Morichi (CAEN SyS)   (M Building)
16:14 IRAP: a new system for integrated analysis and visualization of multi-source safeguards data. Challenges and techniques - Dr Andreas Smejkal (Euratom)   (M Building)
Presentation for TEC-S3
Presentation for TEC-S8
16:21 Disparate Data Integration for Advanced Facility Monitoring - Dr Karen Miller (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (M Building)
16:28 Improved Analysis of Verification Data Using List Mode Neutron Data Collection - Dr Alexis Trahan (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (M Building)
16:29 Improved Cherenkov light prediction model for enhanced DCVD performance - Mr Erik Branger (Uppsala University)   (M Building)
16:30 Fast Neutron Collar Tests at Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Plant in Brazil - Mr Marcos Grund (Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear)   (M Building)
16:31 Estimation of Dead-Time Loss for High Neutron Count-Rates and associated Multiplicity Correction using Multi-Channel List-Mode Data - Dr Ludwig Holzleitner (Europ. Commission, Joint Research Centre)   (M Building)
[TEC] Integration and Evaluation of Verification Data (until 17:30) (M Building)
[SGI] Improvements in the Field: Enhancements to Measurement Techniques (until 15:30) (Press-room)
[SGI] Insights and Feedback from SSAC Discussions (until 15:30) (M2)
[TEC] Improving Coordination of Safeguards R&D (until 15:30) (Boardroom A)
[NEW] Nuclear Newcomers – Strategies and Experiences with Enhancing Safeguards Infrastructure to Support the Introduction of Nuclear Power (until 17:30) (M2)
[SGI] Performance Monitoring in Safeguards (until 17:30) (Boardroom A)
17:45 --- Sponsored Reception ---
12:45 --- Sponsored Innovation Luncheon ---
Closing Plenary (until 17:00) (Boardroom B)