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5-8 November 2018
Vienna International Centre
CET timezone

Guidelines for Preparations of Presentation Slides


Guidelines for Authors on Preparations of Presentation Slides


1. Submission of Presentation Slides

“Panelists” for Panel Sessions are requested to submit PowerPoint slides for their presentation. The slides must be less than 15 slides (standard 4:3 size).

"Roundtable Members" are optional to submit PowerPoint slides for their statement. The slides must be no more than 5 slides (standard 4:3 size).

Slides must be submitted through the INDICO platform in PowerPoint (.pptx) format. Please upload your slides by taking the following steps;


1) Log-in to your INDICO account (

2) Click “My Contributions” on menu, and select your contribution.

3) Click the icon next to “Presentation Materials”.

4) Click “New folder”.

5) Name the folder “Slides”. Make sure you do not change other fields. Click “Submit”.

6) Click “Upload files”.

7) Drag and drop your presentation slides in PowerPoint (.pptx) format. Please make sure you title your slides ““ID xxx[Last Name]”. Choose Slides” under ‘Folder’. Slide the bar to “YES” to change the status to “Protected”. Add the user names if you wish to allow other users to see the file.

8) Click “Upload” to complete the submission.


2. Format

The slide size must be Standard Size (4:3).

You can change the size from Design -> Slide Size on PowerPoint.


3. Deadline

The slides must be submitted no later than 15 October 2018.


4. Contact

If you have any question, send email to and include “uploading of slides” in the subject line.



1. Can I submit my presentation in Prezi? In PDF?

è No, please submit in PowerPoint file. We will combine all slides for the Session to save time during the Session.


2. Can I bring my presentation in USB?

è No, personal USBs are not allowed during the Symposium. All presentation slides must be submitted in advance via INDICO.


3. Can I replace my slides after deadline?

è Technically you can, however please also inform Session Owners by email (copied to Safeguards Symposium Team) if you replaced your submission after 15 October. We do not receive notice when new files are uploaded – therefore we may not realize in changes.