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Oct 8 – 13, 2012
US/Pacific timezone

ITR/P5-25: Scientific Computing for Real Time Data Processing and Archiving for ITER Operation

Oct 11, 2012, 8:30 AM
Poster Room (Area F-B)

Poster Room (Area F-B)

Poster ITR - ITER Activities Poster: P5


Mr Stefan Simrock (ITER)


The operation of the ITER tokamak imposes significant demands on the instrumentation and control (I&C) section of its 170 plant systems in terms of data acquisition, data processing and data transport via networks. The plant I&C systems must support the operational needs for machine protection, plasma operation and physics exploitation. The most stringent requirements are found in the more than 50 diagnostics measurement systems in terms of high performance data acquisition, data processing and real-time data streaming from distributed sources to the plasma control system as well as large amounts of raw data streaming to scientific archiving. While most of these requirements have been achieved individually the challenge for ITER will be the integration of these state-of-the-art technologies in a coherent design while maintaining all of the performance aspects simultaneously.

Country or International Organization of Primary Author


Primary author


Abhijeet Aallekar (TCS, Pune, India) Aleksander Mielczarek (DMCS, lodz, Poland) Anders Wallander (ITER) Andrzej Napieralski (DMCS, Lodz, Poland) Axel Winter (ITER) Chandresh Hansalia (ITER) Dariusz Makowski (DMCS, Lodz, Poland) Didier Joonekindt (Atos Worldgrid France) Dmitry Shelukhin (Kurchatov Institute, Russia) Florent Tomi (ENSEA, France) George Vayakis (ITER) Grzegorzk Jablonski (DMCS, Lodz, Poland) Igor Semenov (Kurchatov Institute, Russia) Izuru Yonekawa (ITER) Klemen Zagar (COSYLAB, Slovenia) Dr Luciano Bertalot (ITER) Dr M. Cheon (ITER Korea) Manojkumar Annigeri (TCS, Pune, India) Mariusz Orlikowski (DMCS, Lodz, Poland) Dr Michael Walsh (Walsh) Mikyung Park (NFRI, Daejeon, South Korea) Pawel Predki (DMCS, Lodz, Poland) Petri Makijarvi (ITER) Piotr Perek (DMCS, Lodz, Poland) Qingwei Yang (ITER China) Roger Reichle (ITER) Sergey Petrov (Kurchatov Institute, Russia) Shuqin Wu (ITER China) Takashi Kondoh (JAEA) Tomasz Kozak (DMCS) Victor Udintsev (ITER) Wolf-Dieter Klotz (ITER) Yasunori Kawano (JAEA)

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