Technical Meeting on the Benefits and Challenges of Fast Reactors of the SMR Type

Milano, Italy

Milano, Italy


The purpose of the event is to discuss the development of fast neutron reactors belonging to the type of small and medium sized or modular reactors (SMRs); to share the up-to-date fast SMR technology; and to identify potential benefits and challenges in the development and deployment of fast SMRs. Read more...

The main objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Promote and facilitate the exchange of information within the scope of the event and its related topics at the national and international level;
  • Present and discuss the current status of research and development (R&D) in the field of fast neutron SMRs;
  • Discuss and identify potential benefits and challenges in the development and deployment of fast SMRs;
  • Discuss and identify R&D needs and gaps to assess future requirements in the field, which should eventually lead to efforts being concentrated in the key lacking areas;
  • Provide recommendations to the IAEA for future joint efforts and coordinated research activities (if required) in the field; and
  • Prepare a reference document summarizing the work presented by the participants, including the findings of the study in the standard IAEA publications format.

General Chair

 Pietro Agostini

Honorary Chair

 Georgii Toshinskii

Chair of Local Organizing Committee

 Marco Ricotti

Scientific Secretaries

Vladimir Kriventsev
Frederik Reitsma
Mr Chirayu Batra




Session I

Sodium Cooled Fast SMRs

Vladimir Kriventsev
Akira Yamaguch

Joel Gudiez

Session II

HLM Cooled Fast SMRs

Didier de Bruyn
Janne Wallenius

Session III

Molten Salt Fast SMRs

Jiri Krepel
Boris Kvizda

Session IV

Economic Aspects and Fuel Cycle of Fast SMRs

Georgii Toshinskii

Session V

Safety Aspects of Fast SMRs

Hiroki Hayafune
Lorenzo Longo
Paul Gauthe

Session VI

Technology and Research in Support of SMR Development

Kamil Tucek
Zhao Chen
Lixia Ren