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May 20 – 24, 2019
Vienna International Centre
Europe/Vienna timezone

Contribution Guidelines

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

Submission of Synopses

Synopses (one or a maximum of two printed A4 pages, including figures and references) covering various areas of isotope hydrology and related disciplines are welcome, and may be requested for an oral or poster presentation, in a specific session. Where the number of oral requests exceeds the slots available, the IAEA reserves the right to assign papers to an appropriate poster session.

Please note that all co-authors' name and affiliation should be entered into the Indico system at the time of submitting the synopsis. Only the submitting author is required to be an Indico user.

Submission Guidelines

The first step in submission requires creation of a user account on the INDICO conference system, using the 'Login' tab in the top right corner of the page. If you are already a registered INDICO user, please log into the system.

All oral and poster presentations for the International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology 2019 require submission of an electronic synopsis in Word format. IMPORTANT: Synopsis files must be submitted using the "Attach a File" function under the "Submit my Synopsis" link. Please provide your Synopsis title into the "Title" box, etc. If necessary, you can also provide comments regarding the synopsis into the "Comments" box located on the same page. Emailed Synopses will not be accepted.

Synopsis File Format: Microsoft Word document (Word 2003 or later, please download the template). PDF or other file format will not be accepted.

The Synopsis must include a title, list of all authors and affiliations, email address of the lead author, and the body text. The layout should be prepared as follows:

• English Language (please ensure free of grammatical and other errors)
• Page size: A4 – portrait orientation
• Full margins (left/right/top/bottom): 25 mm/1 inch
• Paragraph Layout: single-spaced, one additional line between paragraphs
• Alignment: Left
• Font: Times New Roman
• Title: 14-point, boldface, Small Caps
• All other text: 12-point
• Length: minimum of 300 words, up to 2 pages maximum, including embedded figures, tables and the citations.
• Figures or Tables: must be numbered with a text caption; embed where appropriate within the Word document.

The deadline for entry submission has been extended until 13 JANUARY 2019.

It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure that the submitted synopses have received any necessary clearance by the relevant governmental authorities.

Authors must further submit the Participation Form (Form A) and the Form for Submission of a Paper (Form B) to their appropriate governmental authority (see symphosium website) for transmission to the IAEA. These forms must be received by the IAEA also no later than 13 January 2019.

Note that all persons wishing to participate in the symposium must be designated by an IAEA Member State or be members of one of the organizations that have been invited to attend (list of invited organizations).


All synopses will be reviewed by the IAEA. Authors will be informed by 18 February 2019 whether their synopses are accepted as an oral or poster presentation, and will receive further guidelines. The IAEA reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not meet the Symposium objectives.

The call for abstracts is closed.