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Oct 13 – 18, 2014
Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya
Europe/Moscow timezone

Simultaneous Measurement of the ELMs at Both High and Low Field Sides and ELM Dynamics in ELM Crash-Free Period in KSTAR

Oct 17, 2014, 2:00 PM
4h 45m
Green 8-9 (Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya)

Green 8-9

Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Poster Poster 8


Mr Hyeon Keo Park (Korea, Republic of)


Following successful characterization of the growth, saturation and bursting process of the Edge Localized Mode (ELM) by a 2D/3D Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging (ECEI) system in KSTAR H-mode plasmas, the observed mode structure is verified via synthetic image reconstruction based on the BOUT++ code. In successive KSTAR campaigns, a wide range of toroidal mode numbers (~4 < n < ~~6) of the ELMs have enabled the establishment of the relationship between the poloidal and toroidal mode numbers (m, n) through the local magnetic shear (safety factor - q) (< m > =nq). ELM dynamics observed simultaneously at both high and low field sides revealed necessity of the Pfirsh-Schlüter flow, shear suppression of high n modes and inconsistency in mode numbers suggested further study. In KSTAR campaigns, Magnetic Perturbation (MP) coils with n=1 and n=2 structures successfully suppressed the ELMs. In the ELM suppressed period, persisting mode structures accompanied with weak bursting behaviours were observed.served.
Paper Number EX/8-1
Country or International Organisation Korea, Republic of

Primary author

Mr Hyeon Keo Park (Korea, Republic of)

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