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Oct 13 – 18, 2014
Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya
Europe/Moscow timezone

Fully Non-Inductive Current Drive Experiments Using 28 GHz and 8.2 GHz Electron Cyclotron Waves in QUEST

Oct 14, 2014, 8:30 AM
Green 8-9 (Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya)

Green 8-9

Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
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Dr Hiroshi Idei (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University)


28 GHz Electron Cyclotron Current Drive (ECCD) effect was clearly observed in Ohmically heated plasmas with feedback regulation of center solenoid coil current in 2nd harmonic inboard off-axis heating scenario. In non-inductive current drive experiments only by the 28 GHz injection, 54 kA plasma current was sustained for 0.9 s. Higher plasma current of 66 kA was non-inductively obtained by slow ramp-up of vertical field using the 28 GHz ECH/ECCD. Non-inductive high-density/ current plasma start-up, which is a key issue for fusion reactor design has been demonstrated using 2nd harmonic ECH/ECCD. Density jump across 8.2 GHz cutoff density was observed in superposed 28 GHz / 8.2 GHz injections. The 50 kA plasmas were sustained by the 8.2 GHz injection into the 28 GHz target plasma if the stable plasma shaping was obtained.
Country or International Organisation Japan
Paper Number EX/P1-38

Primary author

Dr Hiroshi Idei (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University)


Prof. Kazuaki Hanada (Advanced Fusion Research Center, Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University) Dr Osamu Watanabe (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics) Prof. Tsuyoshi Imai (Plasma Research Center, University of Tsukuba) Dr Tsuyoshi Kariya (University of Tsukuba)

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