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Oct 13 – 18, 2014
Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya
Europe/Moscow timezone

Full-Scale Trial Results to Qualify Optimized Manufacturing Plan for ITER Toroidal Field Coil Winding Pack in Japan

Oct 13, 2014, 5:20 PM
Blue 1-5 (Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya)

Blue 1-5

Hotel Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Oral FIP - Fusion Engineering, Integration and Power Plant Design ITER Technology


Mr Norikiyo Koizumi (Japan)


A heat-treated Nb3Sn cable-in-conduit conductor (CICC) must be inserted into a groove of a radial plate (RP), which is designed to maintain the mechanical and electrical reliability of the insulation of ITER Toroidal Field (TF) coil during its 20 years’ operation. The difference between heat-treated conductor length and RP groove length must be controlled with accuracy of +/-0.05%. JAEA developed high accuracy winding system and procedure with the order of +/-0.01% in wound conductor length and performed full-scale winding trials. The target tolerance of +/-0.01% was achieved. In addition, very complicate procedure of RP insertion between upper and lower windings (pancakes), which consist of unit length conductor, is also qualified by using full-scale dummy conductor winding and trial insertion of wound dummy conductor into RP groove was performed, too. Furthermore, proto double-pancake (DP) was successfully heat-treated. These results justify validity of optimized manufacturing plan and allow us to start TF coil winding pack (WP) manufacture.
Paper Number FIP/1-3
Country or International Organisation Japan

Primary author

Mr Norikiyo Koizumi (Japan)


Mr hideki kajitani (JAEA) Dr kunihiro matsui (JAEA) Mr masahide iguchi (JAEA) Dr masataka nakahira (JAEA) Mr takeru sakurai (JAEA) Dr tsutomu hemmi (JAEA)

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