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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has an important role in improving the understanding of the potential contribution of nuclear power to sustainable development and the decarbonization of energy systems by providing interested Member States with guidance and assistance for deploying safe, secure and safeguarded nuclear technology and in formulating national energy strategies and policies.

To respond to the increasing interest in nuclear power’s contribution to the fight against climate change, and further elaborate on the role of nuclear power in net zero transitions, the IAEA is organizing the second International Conference from 9 to 13 October 2023, in Vienna. The conference will provide another opportunity for the nuclear community to elaborate the attributes of nuclear power in the context of climate change and net zero transitions, discuss the main challenges facing the nuclear sector and explore solutions for tapping the full potential of nuclear power, through incentivizing innovation, establishing an enabling environment, improving economics, and addressing stakeholder engagement etc. It will also serve as an important platform for the nuclear community to establish a dialogue with the non-nuclear community at policy and technical levels.   

Vienna, Austria

Scientific Secretary of the Conference:

Mr Wei Huang

Director, Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management
Department of Nuclear Energy



Administration and Organization:

Mr Tom Danaher

Conference Services Section
Division of Conference and Document Services
Department of Management
IAEA-CN-315; EVT2102339


Tel: +43 1 2600 21317


General Postal Address and Contact Details of the IAEA:

International Atomic Energy Agency

Vienna International Centre

PO Box 100


Tel: +43 1 2600

Fax: +43 1 2600 2007



Subsequent correspondence on scientific matters should be sent to the Scientific Secretaries and correspondence on administrative matters to the IAEA’s Conference Services Section.