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Meeting Topics

Topics and Working Groups

  • Missing tungsten data in edge plasma models
    • Rates for ionization, recombination and excitation
    • Multi-step ionization and excitation
    • Non-resonant charge exchange
  • Recommended tungsten and hydrogen data for edge plasma modelling
    • Large scatter in the various sets for W atomic data (in particular excitation rates)
    • Hydrogen molecular data: impact and need of vibrationally-, rotationally- and isotopically-resolved data; mixed molecules; limited data available for T, TH and TD
    • Metastable states of W
    • Uncertainties of W and hydrogen data: atomic data used in CRM dependent on the range of plasma parameters
  • The inclusion of reduced photon opacity information in collisional-radiative models
    • Revised CRM with (semi)opaque lines
    • Full non-linear model or a reduced CRM
    • Isotope effects of collisional broadening in high plasma density
    • Wall reflection models for photons: on W and Be or deposited layers; surface roughness effects
  • Data needs for ITER
    • Accuracy improvement for ionization, recombination, radiation and CX rates of W
    • CR: to obtain reliable charge distribution of W for modelling W upstream migration and penetration to core plasma
    • Spectral lines of interest W0 to at least W64+
    • Dielectronic recombination rates and photon opacity for W vapour shielding during fast transients