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Second Meeting of the Global Network for the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Plasmas (GNAMPP)

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting


The Global Network for the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Plasmas (GNAMPP) is a consortium of research groups working in the area of fundamental atomic and molecular physics relevant to plasma processes. Its focus is on promoting collaboration and communication between experimentalists and theoreticians to improve the quality and completeness of data used in modelling and interpreting fusion plasmas.

GNAMPP provides a forum for the evaluation, validation and dissemination of data, the benchmarking of relevant modelling codes and the formulation of research guidelines and priorities.

This meeting will review, assess and recommend the latest practices in the fundamental physics of plasma environments, with a particular focus on extreme environments such as those found in the edge plasma region of magnetic confinement fusion devices.

This meeting follows a Technical Meeting on the Collisional-Radiative Properties of Tungsten and Hydrogen in Edge Plasma of Fusion Devices. More information is also available on the Atomic and Molecular Data Unit's website.

The agenda of this meeting is empty