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Oct 25 – 29, 2021
Virtual Event
Europe/Vienna timezone


The plenary cross-cut sessions will focus on the following topics:

  • Enabling Infrastructure
  • Advanced Modelling and Simulation Methodologies

The working group sessions – whose participants and talks will be established by the Organizers of the Sessions – will focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Ethics
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Human Health
  • Nuclear Data
  • Nuclear Fusion
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Nuclear Power
  • Nuclear Security
  • Radiation Protection
  • Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology
  • Safeguards Verification
  • Water and Environment
  • (Plenary) Enabling Infrastructure


    Keywords: artificial intelligence; machine learning; open data science; standardized frameworks; comprehensive data management; uncertainty quantification; data curation; high performance computing; advanced manufacturing; educational and training activities; ethics.

  • (Plenary) Advanced Modelling and Simulation Methodologies


    Keywords: integrated modelling; multi-physics multiscale modelling; virtual systems/digital twin technology; optimized system design; improved system performance and user experience.

  • (Working Group) Ethics


    Keywords: trustworthiness; human rights; sustainability objectives; AI ethics (water ethics, climate ethics, ethics and health, AI and nuclear safety, AI-energy ethics).

  • (Working Group) Food and Agriculture


    Keywords: food authentication; food safety early warning systems; soil type prediction; insect screening; plant viability screening.

  • (Working Group) Human Health


    Keywords: diagnosis and treatment of cancer; image interpretation; treatment plans and contouring; adaptive radiotherapy; medical processes.

  • (Working Group) Nuclear Data


    Keywords: nuclear, atomic and molecular data; data analysis; verification; uncertainty quantification; anomaly detection; information discovery.

  • (Working Group) Nuclear Fusion


    Keywords: plasma prediction; control system; model generation.

  • (Working Group) Nuclear Physics


    Keywords: data analysis; data management; experimental design and optimization; facility operation.

  • (Working Group) Nuclear Power


    Keywords: outage; maintenance; planning; scheduling; inspection; training; engineering assessment; risk assessment; machine learning.

  • (Working Group) Nuclear Security


    Keywords: anomaly detection; data analysis (flow, sensor, image); data integration; data management; defensive computer security (network) architecture; internet of things – cloud services; information protection; performance assessment; systems design analysis; threat analysis; training; vulnerability management.

  • (Working Group) Radiation Protection


    Keywords: computer simulations including work simulations; processes including radiation exposure with algorithms; health and safety in workplaces; radiological data across machines; radiation protection programmes; online dosimetry; optimization; planning and training; validation by measurements; instrumentation; robotics.

  • (Working Group) Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology


    Keywords: radiopharmaceutical design and modelling; radiation dose distribution - animal models and irradiated samples; sediment transport calculations; heat transfer and cooling of targets.

  • (Working Group) Safeguards Verification


    Keywords: nuclear measurements; surveillance; non-destructive assay; tampering detection; gamma spectroscopy; spent fuel verification; Cerenkov light; dynamic calorimetry; fissile mass quantification.

  • (Working Group) Water and Environment


    Keywords: water security and protection; complex data analysis – spatial and temporal; groundwater modelling; study of the hydrological cycle; climate models.