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This International Conference is being organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and will be the fourth in a series of conferences on Effective Nuclear Regulatory Systems. The three preceding conferences were held in Ottawa in 2013, Cape Town in 2009 and Moscow in 2006. Building on conclusions and deliberations at these events, this International Conference in April 2016 will play a vital part in the global efforts by senior nuclear safety and nuclear security regulators to review issues that are important to the global nuclear regulatory community, and will focus, in particular, on their key role in ensuring safety and security.
The focus of this International Conference will be the application of lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi accident with a view to enhancing regulatory effectiveness within the framework of the Convention on Nuclear Safety and the principles outlined in the Vienna Declaration on Nuclear Safety. It will also be an opportunity for regulators to look at the current challenges in regulating nuclear installations, radiation sources and radioactive waste. The conference will also provide a forum to discuss measures for strengthening international cooperation and regulatory competence which helps in sustaining improvement of regulatory systems.
This International Conference is intended to be of interest to a broad range of experts in the area of nuclear safety and nuclear security regulation. Bringing together the world’s senior regulators responsible for the areas of nuclear and radiation safety and nuclear security will assist in strengthening regulatory systems worldwide.
Vienna, Austria
M Building
Vienna International Centre
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Scientific Secretariat:

Mr Shahid Mallick
Head, Programme and Policy Unit
Safety and Security Coordination Section
Department of Nuclear Safety and Security
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Mr Lingquan Guo
Head, Knowledge Networks Unit
Safety and Security Coordination Section
Department of Nuclear Safety and Security
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Administration and organization:

Martina Khaelss
Conference Services Section
Division of Conference and Document Services
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Subsequent correspondence on scientific matters should be sent to the Scientific Secretariat, and correspondence on administrative matters to the Conference Services Section. Please include reference number IAEA-CN-236 in all communications.