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The last twenty years of the IAEA Technical Cooperation on the uranium production cycle in Argentina

Jun 25, 2014, 5:10 PM
VIC, Poster area (Vienna)

VIC, Poster area


Vienna International Centre, Vienna
Poster Education and training in the uranium production cycle Poster Session


Mr LUIS LOPEZ (CNEA (Argentina))


Since 1993, the National Atomic Energy Commission (Argentina) has been involved in several IAEA Technical Cooperation Projects at interregional, regional and national levels, covering different aspects of the uranium production cycle. The TC referred projects can be listed as follows: - INT 2/015 “Supporting Uranium Exploration Resource Augmentation and Production Using Advanced Techniques” (2012 – Present). - RLA 3/006 - 010 “Upgrading of Uranium Exploration, Exploitation and Yellowcake Production Techniques taking Environmental Problems into Account” (2007 - Present). - ARG 2/014 “Development and Strengthening of the Uranium Mining Cycle Human Resources” (2012 – Present). - ARG 3/012 - 014 "Geology favourability, production feasibility and environmental impact assessment of uranium deposits exploitable by the in situ leaching technology (ISL)" (2007 - Present). - ARG 3/009 “Development and use of biological techniques for uranium production (ARG 3/009)” (2003 - 2006). - ARG 3/008 “Prospection of uranium and other elements using gamma-ray spectrometry surveys” (2001 – 2005). - ARG 3/007 “Uranium Favorability and Exploration in Argentina” (1993 - 1997). It can be considered that the role of the technological transfer by the IAEA has been highly relevant for increasing the capability of strategically plan and more efficiently carry out the uranium production cycle projects in Argentina.

Primary author

Mr LUIS LOPEZ (CNEA (Argentina))

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