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Contribution of IAEA, FNRBA and ANNuR as Networking in Developing and Maintaining Capacity Building for a nuclear power programme: comparative study

May 15, 2014, 4:35 PM
Board Room C (IAEA, Vienna)

Board Room C

IAEA, Vienna


Mr Omer Elsiddig Osman (Sudanese Nuclear& Radiological Regulatory Authority)


Capacity is defined as; ―the ability of individuals and organizations or organizational units to perform functions effectively, efficiently and sustainably. Capacity building is an evidence-driven process of strengthening the abilities of individuals, organizations, and systems to perform core functions sustainably, and to continue to improve and develop over time. This paper will explain the contributions of knowledge networks at the national, regional and international level in developing and sustainable existing capacity building and human resources for regulatory body and other institutions in Sudan to confront the future challenges regarding to nuclear power program- safety and security. FNRBA and ANNuR are two regional networks that form part of the Global Nuclear Safety and Security Network (GNSSN). The GNSSN provides open access to general information on nuclear safety and nuclear security through a common, collaborative platform designed so that experts can exchange and share information easily and quickly In this paper will compare the advantages and effectiveness of these knowledge networks (IAEA(GNSSN), FNRBA, ANNuR ) in capacity building and will explain their major role in enhance the infrastructure of national regulatory body and to enabled the RB in Africa and Arab countries, to establish and strengthen the regulatory infrastructure for nuclear power programme Consistent with international standards and recommendations as well as the recommendations resulting and deduced from comparative study to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience and information among its members.

Primary author

Mr Omer Elsiddig Osman (Sudanese Nuclear& Radiological Regulatory Authority)

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