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Apr 11 – 14, 2022
Vienna International Center
Europe/Vienna timezone

Scientific Program

  • 1. Nuclear Forensics Capability Building: Initiation and Sustainability

    • 1.1 Lessons Learned and New Virtual Initiatives for Nuclear Forensics Capacity Building considering the pandemic

    • 1.2 New Technologies, R&D and Signature Research in Nuclear Forensics

    • 1.3 Newcomers in Nuclear Forensics: Minimum Technical and Scientific Required Capabilities

    • 1.4 Case Studies on Nuclear Forensics Capacity Building in Member States

  • 2. Nuclear Forensics Human Resource Development and Sustainability

    • 2.1 Integration of Nuclear Forensics in a National Response Framework

    • 2.2 Good Practices in Establishing a Nuclear Forensics Legal Framework

    • 2.3 Application of Self-Assessment Tools for Assessing a National Nuclear Forensics Capability

    • 2.4 Benefits and Considerations in Establishing a National Nuclear Forensics Library

  • 3. Nuclear Forensics Sustainability and Cooperation

    • 3.1 Virtual Partnerships: Building and Maintaining National and International Relationships

    • 3.2 Human Resource Development in Nuclear Forensics

    • 3.3 Sustaining a National Nuclear Forensics Capability: Challenges and Considerations

    • 3.4 Inter-laboratory Exercises and International Cooperation on Nuclear Forensics

  • 4. The Intertwined Nature of Nuclear Forensics and Radiological Crime Scene Management

    • 4.1 Development of Emerging Technologies in Radiological Crime Scene Management

    • 4.2 Uses and Applications of Virtual Training for Radiological Crime Scene Management

    • 4.3 Novel Approaches to Categorization for Radiological Crime Scene Management

    • 4.4 Case Studies for Radiological Crime Scene Management