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Nov 14 – 16, 2022
IAEA Headquarters
Europe/Vienna timezone
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30 June 2022 Deadline for submission of abstracts through IAEA-INDICO for regular contributions

30 June 2022 Deadline for submission of Participation Form (Form A),  and Grant Application Form (Form C) (if applicable) through the official channels

29 July 2022 Notification of acceptance of abstracts and of assigned awards

Controlling fusion plasma for long periods, while gaining experience in steady-state and/or long-pulse operation with active cooling systems that can maintain the plasma facing components at a stable temperature, is essential for the success of ITER and fusion demonstration power plants.
To facilitate the coordination on these challenges, the IAEA and the International Energy Agency (IEA) have established – in 2020 – a network for Coordination on International Challenges on Long duration OPeration (CICLOP). The objectives of the CICLOP group are to promote activities, collect and disseminate information on the physics and engineering issues of long-pulse operation for tokamak and stellarator facilities, by sharing best practice, operational procedures, experimental data, simulation programme and coordinating experiments between the fusion-related IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes in close cooperation with the IAEA activities in the same field, through a series of Technical Meetings on Long-Pulse Operation of Fusion Devices.


The event aims to review, discuss and address scientific and engineering issues related to steady-state and long-pulse operation of fusion devices, which are essential for ITER and future fusion reactors.

Target Audience

The event aims to bring together junior and senior fusion scientists, plasma physicists (theoreticians, modellers and experimentalists) and engineers in order to cover the physics and engineering issues of long-pulse operation for tokamak and stellarator facilities.

IAEA Headquarters
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