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Guidelines for Oral & Poster presentations

Guidelines for Oral & Poster presentations

  1. Oral Presentations
  • Attend a briefing meeting 30 minutes before the 1st morning/afternoon session.
  • Keep within your time limit (draft programme with detailed times will be available on the symposium web page)
  • Presentations should be prepared in MS PowerPoint
  • Email your MS PowerPoint presentation to by 15 October 2014. Please note that it is essential to send the presentation in advance because, due to new security measures, presentations cannot be uploaded at the IAEA from external media (e.g. USB) to an IAEA computer or laptop.

  1. Poster Presentations

Display/Presentation of Posters
  • All posters will be displayed for the entire duration of the symposium.
  • To permit maximum viewing of posters, authors are encouraged to mount their posters as soon as possible upon arrival at the symposium. Please find the poster board bearing your paper number and affix your poster to it. Should you require assistance, please see the conference desk.
  • Authors are requested to be present at their posters during the poster sessions, and if possible during coffee breaks, for discussion with interested participants.

Preparation of Posters

The poster should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract. Posters should meet the following criteria:

Poster Size
All posters should be in portrait format and size: A0 (1189 mm high and 841 mm wide).

The poster should be easily readable at a distance of two metres. Use UPPER and lower case for general content, as all-capital text is difficult to read. Avoid using mixtures of type/font styles. Left justify text, as it is easier on the eyes of the reader.

For visual effect, it is recommended that graphs be no smaller than 120 mm × 180 mm.


TITLE 20–24 mm or 100 point maximum Title Case/Bold At the top of the poster, include the title of the presentation, the names of the authors and the institution where the work was completed.
HEADINGS 48 point is suggested
60 point maximum
Title Case Headings such as “Introduction”, “Methods”, “Results”, “Discussions” and “Conclusions” are useful.
CONTENT 24–28 point
32 maximum
Single spaced
Upper and lower case The text should be brief throughout. Any description of methods should be simple and concise.

Poster in my Pocket

We are delighted to announce that the International Symposium on Food Safety and Quality: Applications of Nuclear and Related Techniques offers poster presenters the option of extra exposure of their posters via the new Poster in my Pocket app. This app is available free from the iTunes App store and Google Play Android store. As a poster presenter you can share your research with conference attendees and the rest of the world.

Registration is FREE. For more information about Poster in my Pocket please visit:

Poster presenters:
Register & upload your poster & receive a unique identifier QR code to place on your poster

Register & simply open the mobile App, scan the QR and download a copy of the poster to read at your leisure