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Aug 27 – 31, 2018
IAEA, Vienna
Europe/Vienna timezone


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IAEA, Vienna

IAEA, Vienna

Oral Mutation breeding for adaptation to climate change in seed propagated crops


Mr Shahid Akbar Khalil (NIFA Peshawar Pakistan)


The objective of this study was the induction of in vitro mutagenesis in stevia for creation of genetic variability to enhance the biomass yield and sweetener compound steviosides content. For this purpose, selected doses of gamma rays have been applied to callus cultures (5, 10, 15, and 20 Gy) to induce healthy mutant plants adaptable to the country’s agro-climatic conditions with improved growth parameters and steviosides content. After LD50 calculation for callus cultures, 13.33 Gy dose was selected for bulk irradiation. The M1V1 generation was raised after transferring the irradiated callus cultures to fresh medium containing different PGRs for shoot and root organogenesis. These micropropagated plants were successfully acclimatized in soil and then shifted to field condition for evaluation. Initially, four mutant plants were selected on the basis of high yield and higher steviosides content as compared to control plants. In field conditions data were collected on different growth parameters i.e., highest plant height (104.00 cm), number of branches per plant (24), number of leaves per plant (1455), internodal length (3.00 cm) and yield (178.08 g) were observed in mutant MSIC-5, while control plants had the following values: plant height (91.00 cm), number of branches per plant (15), number of leaves per plant (815), internodal length (2.31 cm), and yield (105.30 g). According to HPLC analysis higher steviosides content (6.076±0.40 mg/g-DW) was observed in MSIC-5 as compared to other selected plants and control (3.015±0.60 mg/g-DW).
Country or International Organization Nuclear Institute for Food & Agriculture (NIFA), GT Road Peshawar, Pakistan

Primary author

Mr Shahid Akbar Khalil (NIFA Peshawar Pakistan)


Dr Roshan Zamir (NIFA Peshawar Pakistan)

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