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Closing Session

Jun 29, 2017, 3:50 PM



Closing Session

  • Mikhail Chudakov (IAEA)
  • Amparo Gonzalez-Espartero (IAEA staff)

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Dr Hideki Kamide (Japan Atomic Enery Agency), Prof. Leonid Bolshov (Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
6/29/17, 3:50 PM
Dr Vladimir Kriventsev (IAEA)
6/29/17, 4:10 PM
Dr Stefano Monti (IAEA)
6/29/17, 4:20 PM
Mr Christophe Xerri
6/29/17, 4:30 PM
Mr Vyacheslav Pershukov (ROSATOM)
6/29/17, 4:40 PM
Mr Mikhail Chudakov (IAEA)
6/29/17, 4:50 PM
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