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Topical issues of training of specialists for fast nuclear power engineering and the closed nuclear fuel cycle

Jun 27, 2017, 1:50 PM
Room 4 (Yekaterinburg)

Room 4


ORAL Track 8. Professional Development and Knowledge Management 8.1 Professional Development and Knowledge Management - I


Mr Georgy Tikhomirov (NRNU MEPHI)Mr Vyacheslav Pershukov (ROSATOM)


Nuclear education and training for innovative projects are regarded. National Research Nuclear University (MEPI) history is shown as an example of the university, which has great experience in nuclear education and training, including innovative fast reactor projects. The activity classification and steps of technical specialist training for fast nuclear power engineering are presented. The efficiency of various educational technologies, implemented by MEPhI, is discussed. The report emphasizes the role of student teaching and research work and practice in the formation of specialists. The use of professional databases and international projects in the field of fast reactor technology is discussed separately. Stages of formation of the department of "Technology of closed nuclear fuel cycle", organized in MEPhI to carry out targeted training for the "Breakthrough" project, are described.

Country/Int. Organization

Russian Federation

Primary authors

Mr Georgy Tikhomirov (NRNU MEPHI) Mr Vyacheslav Pershukov (ROSATOM)


Mr Aleksey Lavrukhin (NRNU MEPhI)

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