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SOCRAT-BN integral code for safety analysis of NPP with sodium cooled fast reactors: development and plant applications

Jun 28, 2017, 4:10 PM
Room 3 (Yekaterinburg)

Room 3


ORAL Track 3. Fast Reactor Safety 3.6 Safety Analysis


Dr Nikita Rtishchev (IBRAE RAN)Mr Ruslan Chalyy (IBRAE RAN)


The SOCRAT-BN integral code has been developed in frame of Federal Target Program «New-Generation Nuclear Power Technologies for the Period 2010–2015 and up to 2020». The code is intended for safety justification of NPPs with sodium-cooled reactors under DBA and BDBA including those that lead to core melting. The modules integrated into SOCRAT-BN code allow to perform coupled simulation of thermal-hydraulics, neutron physics, thermal-mechanics state of fuel and cladding, melting and displacement of core materials, accumulation and transport of fission products in the coolant loops and environment. The report represents description of the basic code modules and its V&V results on the base of out-of-pile and in-pile experiments. The SOCRAT-BN code is used for the safety justification of NPP with sodium cooled reactors. In particular, the calculations of the following hypothetical accidents have been performed: unprotected loss of flow through the core (ULOF), unprotected positive reactivity insertion (UTOP) and total inlet flow area blockage of single subassembly (TIB). The report presents the analysis of the simulation results.

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Primary authors

Dr Nikita Rtishchev (IBRAE RAN) Mr Ruslan Chalyy (IBRAE RAN)


Dr Aleksey Fokin (IBRAE RAN) Mr Anatoly Sorokin (SSC RF TRINITY) Mr Anton Butov (IBRAE RAN) Mr Artem Anfimov (JSC «Afrikantov OKBM») Mr Artem Tarasov (IBRAE RAN) Dr Eduard Usov (IBRAE RAN) Mr Ivan Kudashov (IBRAE RAN) Mr Mikhail Filippov (IBRAE RAN) Dr Nikolai Pribaturin (IBRAE RAN) Mr Nikolai Ryzhov (IBRAE RAN) Dr Sergey Osipov (JSC «Afrikantov OKBM») Dr Sergey Tsaun (IBRAE RAN) Dr Vadim Zborovskii (SSC RF TRINITY) Dr Valery Gorbunov (JSC «Afrikantov OKBM») Dr Vladimir Likhanskii (SSC RF TRINITY) Prof. Vladimir Semenov (IBRAE RAN) Ms Yulia Vinogradova (IBRAE RAN)

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