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Expriment and Analysis of Flow distribution of MOX Assembly

Jun 28, 2017, 5:50 PM
1h 10m


POSTER Track 6. Test Reactors, Experiments and Modeling and Simulations Poster Session 2


Mr Huanjun Zhu (CEFR)


China experimental fast reactor (CEFR) uses uranium dioxide as its first fuel, then it switchs to the MOX fuel. The MOX fuel have been great changes in thermal hydraulic characteristics, therefore it needs to study. In this paper, an resistance characteristic expriment and the CFD simulation of the CEFR-MOX assembly was carried on. Through comparison and analysis, an empirical formula was fitted out, and the size of assembly was determined. The experience formula after curing can be directly used for assembly selection, while reducing the testing time and saving money.

Country/Int. Organization

China, CIAE.

Primary author

Mr Huanjun Zhu (CEFR)

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