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Jun 27, 2017, 2:10 PM
Room 4 (Yekaterinburg)

Room 4


ORAL Track 8. Professional Development and Knowledge Management 8.1 Professional Development and Knowledge Management - I


Mr Roger GARBIL (European Commission Euratom Nuclear Fission)


The European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) Research and Training framework programmes are benefitting from a consistent success in pursuing excellence in research and facilitating Pan European collaborative efforts across a broad range of nuclear science and technologies, nuclear fission and radiation protection. To fulfil Euratom R&D programmes keys objectives of maintaining high levels of nuclear knowledge and building a more dynamic and competitive European industry, promotion of Pan-European mobility of researchers are implemented by co-financing transnational access to research infrastructures and joint research activities through to Research and Innovation and Coordination and Support Actions funding schemes. Establishment by the research community of European technology platforms are being capitalised. Mapping of research infrastructures and E&T capabilities is allowing a closer cooperation within the European Union and beyond, benefiting from multilateral international agreements and from closer cooperation between Euratom, OECD/NEA and IAEA and international fora. 'Euratom success stories' in facilitating Pan-European E&T collaborative efforts through Research and Training framework programs show the benefits of research efforts in key fields, of building an effective ‘critical mass’, of promoting the creation of ‘centres of excellence’ with an increased support for ‘open access to key research infrastructures’, exploitation of research results, management of knowledge, dissemination and sharing of learning outcomes.

Country/Int. Organization

European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Euratom Fission, Brussels, Belgium

Primary author

Mr Roger GARBIL (European Commission Euratom Nuclear Fission)

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