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ASTRID - An original and efficient project organization

Jun 28, 2017, 3:50 PM
Room 2 (Yekaterinburg)

Room 2


ORAL Track 7. Fast Reactors and Fuel Cycles: Economics, Deployment and Proliferation Issues 7.3 Non Proliferation Aspects of Fast Reactors


Mr Laurent VOLPE (French Atomic Energy Commission)


CEA is the contracting authority and industrial architect of ASTRID Project, an industrial prototype of 4th generation Sodium Fast Reactor. This reactor of 600 eMW is integrating French and international SFRs feedback, especially in domains of safety, operability and ultimate wastes transmutation. The project is funded for basic design phase (2016-2019) through France Future Investments Program. The industrial network is made of bilateral agreements between CEA and fourteen industrial partners. Main Keys of the success are the followings: - Industrial companies chosen in their core area of excellence, - Partnerships with co-funding and involvement in strategic decisions rather than commercial contracts, - Strong, flexible and efficient R&D program in support of ASTRID design international agreements with Europe, Japan, Russia, India, USA, China, - Early discussions with regulatory authorities, - Strategic and Operational managements,Technical control with Engineering System tools and 3D mock-up consolidation. - CEA has created a specific entity: Astrid Project Cell (CPA for Cellule Projet ASTRID in French): in charge of creating and ruling an efficient project management. It acts as the industrial architect of the project.

Country/Int. Organization

French Atomic Energy Commission,
Nuclear Energy Division,
Reactor Studies Department,
ASTRID Project Team.

Primary author

Mr Laurent VOLPE (French Atomic Energy Commission)

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