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Jun 20 – 23, 2017
Europe/Vienna timezone

Call for Synopses (*)

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline
The process of submitting a proposal for a contribution to the conference requires the submission of a synopsis in INDICO (typed in at the "Submit Synopsis" page). No other form of submission will be accepted.

Please note that an additional file is mandatory if the synopsis contains a figure, graph, or a table and has to be uploaded as a PDF document, using the 'Attach a file' function provided also within the 'Submit Synopsis' page.

The synopses content should be sequenced accordingly:

• Introduction of the study;
• Methodology;
• Results; and
• Conclusion

The synopses should:

• have a maximum of 800 words;
• not include more than one figure, graph, or table;
• not include references; and
• not have been published elsewhere

All the co-authors of a paper should be inserted by the submitter in the appropriated fields, each with affiliation and email address.

Submission of a synopsis alone is not enough.

Authors must further submit the Participation Form (Form A) and Form for Submission of a Paper (Form B) to their Governmental Authority for transmission to the IAEA.

These forms must be received by the IAEA no later than October 31, 2016.

Authors wishing to apply for a grant should also submit the Grant Application Form (Form C).

More information about the submission process to the authorities (see the "Announcement") as well as the already mentioned Forms are available at the #ICARO2 Conference Website.

For any further enquiries regarding the official designation and other administrative matters please contact Ms Martina Khaelss.

Modifying a submitted synopsis: Select 'View my Synopsis' on the front page, select your abstract ID and click 'Edit' to proceed with the changes.

The Conference Secretariat reserves the right to exclude papers that do not comply with its quality standards and do not apply to one of the defined topics.

Authors will be informed by January 16, 2017 as to whether their synopses have been accepted for presentation.

A Book of Synopses of the accepted contributions will be distributed to all participants at the opening of the conference.

(*) Synopses and Abstracts are used interchangeably.
The call for abstracts is closed.