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Environmental geological studies of thorium and other radioactive elements in the Narigan Area (Central Iran) Islamic Republic of Iran

Jun 25, 2014, 5:10 PM
VIC, Poster area (Vienna)

VIC, Poster area


Vienna International Centre, Vienna
Poster Thorium and rare-earth element (REE)-associated resources Poster Session


Dr Jalil Iranmanesh (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran)


The study area is located in the Yazd Province, the Bafg-Saqand metallogenic zone in Central Iran structural zone. Lithologically, the stratigraphic units of the Narigan area include the Rizzo limestone formations, Narigan granite, quartz-porphyry and metasomatic granites. The study area has higher concentrations of radioactive elements and some elements of exceeding health standards. These elements are potentially mobile and may migrate from the soil into plant tissues via root absorption and thence to animals. The emitted radiation can also put animals at risk. Environmental studies were undertaken in this research area in order to determine the biodiversity of plants and animals in the Narigan area. Soil and plant root samples were also taken. The amounts of radioactive elements were analyzed by gamma-ray spectrometry with hyper-purity germanium detectors (HPGe). Data obtained from analysis of these plants shows that most samples had elevated concentrations of the radioactive elements 226Ra, 137Cs, 40K, 238U and 232Th, and can be considered as an environmental risk. The radionuclide study of plant and laboratory XRF studies of soil samples show that the roots of the plant Astragalus can be a geobotanical reference material for the two elements U and Th in the Narigan region.

Primary author

Dr Jalil Iranmanesh (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran)


Mr Ali Noohi (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran) Mr Morteza Rezaei (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran)

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