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International Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology #ICARO3

from Tuesday, 16 February 2021 (00:00) to Friday, 19 February 2021 (17:30)

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16 Feb 2021
17 Feb 2021
18 Feb 2021
19 Feb 2021
Opening Addresses (until 08:30) ()
08:00 ICARO-3 Official Opening - Rafael Mariano Grossi (Director General International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA))   ()
08:05 Welcome remarks - Najat Mokhtar (Deputy Director General, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications, IAEA)   ()
08:13 Welcome remarks - May Abdel Wahab (International Atomic Energy Agency, Director Division of Human Health)   ()
From ICARO 2 to ICARO 3 (until 09:00) ()
08:30 From ICARO 2 to ICARO 3: Radiation Oncology - Eduardo Rosenblatt   ()
08:45 From ICARO 2 to ICARO 3: Physics - Geoffrey Ibbott (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)   ()
Panel Discussion: Global Initiatives (until 10:00) ()
09:00 Global Initiatives - May Abdel Wahab (International Atomic Energy Agency, Director Division of Human Health)   ()
Addressing technological gap (until 10:30) ()
10:00 Technological Gap: Clinical Perspective - Michael Barton (University of New South Wales, Australia)   ()
10:15 Technological Gap: Physics Perspective - Jacob Van Dyk (Departments of Oncology and Medical Biophysics, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada)   ()
Artificial intelligence (until 11:00) ()
10:30 Advanced Technologies - IT/AI - Ben Heijmen (ESTRO)   ()
Paper Session 1:Clinical Research (until 11:30) ()
11:00 Is Watch and wait approach feasible for patients with complete response post neoadjuvant therapy in Low Middle Income Countries? - Reena Engineer (Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, India)   ()
11:07 Modern possibilities of nuclear medicine in the treatment of patients with recurrence prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy - Petr Bulychkin   ()
11:14 Survival benefits of adding palliative whole brain radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer with brain metastases unsuitable for resection or radiosurgery: A clinical prediction rule - Kyrhatii Trikhirhisthit (Sawanpracharak hospital, Collaborative Project to Increase Production of Rural Doctor (CPIRD) Medical Education Center affiliated to Mahidol University, Nakhonsawan, Thailand)   ()
11:21 EVOLUTION AND PROGNOSIS OF JUVENILE NASOPHARYNGEAL CARCINOMA: results from of a study on 68 children in Salah Azaiz Institute in Tunisia - Semia Zaraa (Salah azaiz institute, Department of Radiotherapy)   ()
Paper Session 2: Implementation of New Technologies (until 12:00) ()
11:30 Optimization parameters in bladder and rectum for gynecologic cancer treatment with VMAT Technique through ProKnow platform - Micaela Agustina Bertero (Leben Salud)   ()
11:37 Evaluation of artificial intelligence based contouring tools in prostate cancer radiation therapy planning - Anni Borkvel (NEMC)   ()
11:44 Current opportunities and challenges in a period of 2D to 3D transition in Radiation therapy in Mongolia - Minjmaa Minjgee (National Cancer Center of Mongolia)   ()
11:51 Implementing compensator IMRT using Low Cost Effective Solution - A Zambian Experience - Kennedy Lishimpi (Cancer Diseases Hospital - Radiation Oncology)   ()
Brachytherapy (until 08:15) ()
07:45 Clinical relevance of brachytherapy in the global oncological landscape - Christine Haie-Meder (Gustave Roussy Cancer Center)   ()
Translational Radiation Biology (until 09:00) ()
08:15 Radiobiology of High Dose per Fraction - Mike Joiner (Wayne State University School of Medicine, MI, USA)   ()
08:45 Recent Developments in Radiobiology - Loredana Marcu (Faculty of INFORMATICS & Science, University of Oradea, Romania CANCER RESEARCH INSTITUTE, University of South Australia, Australia)   ()
Education and Training (until 09:30) ()
09:00 Competency Based Education in Radiation Oncology: Global Perspectives on the Assessment of Learning - Kim Benstead (Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust , UK )   ()
The RTT Profession (until 10:00) ()
09:30 The RTT Profession - Mary Coffey (School of Medicine - Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)   ()
Clinical Research (until 10:30) ()
10:00 Clinical Research - Jai Prakash Agarwal (Tata Memorial Hospital, India)   ()
Health Systems Research (until 11:00) ()
10:30 Health Systems Research - Yolande Lievens (University Hospital Ghent, Belgium)   ()
Paediatric Radiotherapy (until 11:30) ()
11:00 Radiotherapy in Teenagers and Young Adults with cancer: Providing Care and Improving Outcomes - Ed Smith (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK)   ()
Paper Session 3: Health Economics and Health Systems Research (until 12:05) ()
11:30 Revitalizing and strengthen the capacity of cancer management in Cambodia: Past-Present and future involvement of multi-stakeholders. - Socheat Touch (Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital-University of Health Sciences)   ()
11:36 The basic situation of radiotherapy in mainland China:a national survey in 2019 - Junlin Yi (National Cancer Center/Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences)   ()
11:42 Competences of Medical Dosimetrists and Radiation Therapy Technologists working in a Costa Rican Radiotherapy Department: A benchmarking approach to the recommended ESTRO Core Curriculum using a Training/Competency Matrix - Jorge Andres Villalobos-Rosales (CCSS-HSJD / UCR / ICAP)   ()
11:48 Closing the Radiotherapy Gap in Indonesia: Reflection on National Roadmap Program - Soehartati A Gondhowiardjo (Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia – Department of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National General Hospital – Jakarta, Indonesia)   ()
11:55 Weighted Goal Programming Approach for Solving Budgetary Radiation Therapy Treatment - Kizito Mubiru (Kyamboto University)   ()
Advanced Technologies and Techniques in Radiation Oncology -Mr Mauro Carrara Mr Daniel Berger (IAEA) (until 10:05) ()
08:30 Prescribing,Recording and Reporting Proton and Light Ion Beam Therapy (ICRU 78 and 93) - Mr Oliver Jaekel (ICRU)   ()
08:50 Out of Field Doses - Geoffrey Ibbott (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)   ()
09:10 Spatially fractionated radiation therapy: from photons to charged particles - Mrs Yolanda Prezado (EFOMP)   ()
09:20 kV Therapy Dosimetry Updates and Challenges - Robin Hill (Chris O'Brien Lifehouse)   ()
09:30 Radiation Planning Assistant: Automated contouring and treatment planning - Mr Laurence Edward Court   ()
09:40 The UNSCEAR 2020 report on medical exposure: approach, trends and challenges in the field of radiation therapy - Dr Ferid Shannoun (United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR)) Dr Peter Thomas (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, AUSTRALIA)   ()
Physics Papers 1 (until 11:25) ()
10:05 Characterization of helical tomotherapy plans complexity - Ms Tania Santos (University of Coimbra | IPOCFG,E.P.E.)   ()
10:15 Clinical implementation of the MRLinac in Odense, Denmark - Dr Vibeke Nordmark Hansen (Laboratory of Radiation Physics, Odense University Hospital)   ()
10:25 A novel quantitative metrics for assessing IMRT plan complexity: A virtual phantom study - Hwee Shin Soh (Ministry of Health Malaysia)   ()
10:35 Effect of detector choice for commissioning measurements propagated trough beam modelling to final dose calculation - Sonja Wegener (University of Wuerzburg, Radiation Oncology)   ()
10:55 Development of Contact Lens-Type Ocular In Vivo Dosimeter For Accurate Evaluation Of Radiation Dose To Lens - Hong-Gyun WU (Seoul National University Hospital)   ()
11:05 Accuracy of an Eclipse treatment planning system for SRS - Ms Iqbal AL AMRI (Royal hospital)   ()
11:15 Retrospective evaluation of portal dosimetry pre-treatment quality assurance for volumetric-modulated arc therapy (VMAT) and stereotactic radiotherapy (SRT) plans - Abdelkader Toutaoui (Hôpital Chahids Mahmoudi, Tizi Ouzou)   ()
11:25 --- Poster Viewing ---
Radiotherapy in National Cancer Control Programmes (until 10:30) ()
10:00 Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy - Lisa STEVENS (International Atomic Energy Agency, Department of Technical Cooperation)   ()
IAEA Quality Assurance Team for Radiation Oncology (until 11:00) ()
10:30 The IAEA Quality Assurance Team for Radiation Oncology - Stefaan VYNCKIER (Université Catholique de Louvain)   ()
10:45 Building National Quality Audit Programme for Radiotherapy - Aude VAANDERING   ()
COVID (until 11:30) ()
11:00 Strategies in Ensuring Continuity of Radiotherapy Services in the Context of COVID-19 - Matthias GUCKENBERGER (University Hospital Zurich, University of Zurich)   ()
Proton and ion beam therapy (until 12:00) ()
11:30 Proton: Truths and Lies - Damien WEBER ( Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) Centre for Proton Therapy (CPT))   ()
Brachytherapy in the real world - Alfredo Polo (IAEA) (until 15:00) ()
12:00 Status of Brachytherapy Worldwide: a DIRAC study - Alfredo Polo (IAEA)   ()
12:05 Health Economic Evaluation of Brachytherapy for cancer treatment - Alfredo Polo (IAEA)   ()
12:20 Technological advances in Brachytherapy -TPS, new sources, new applicators, AI - Mauro CARRARA (IAEA)   ()
12:35 Comprehensive Quality Management in Brachytherapy - Daniel BERGER   ()
12:50 Education and Training of New Generations of Brachytherapy Practitioners - Supriya Chopra (Professor, Radiation Oncology, Tata Memorial Centre) Mauro CARRARA (IAEA)   ()
13:10 Omitting brachytherapy in gynecological cancer is deleterious for your patients - Supriya Chopra (Professor, Radiation Oncology, Tata Memorial Centre)   ()
13:25 Cervix Cancer as a Model for Image Guided Brachytherapy - Umesh Mahantshetty (Professor, Radiation Oncology)   ()
13:40 The migration from 2D to 3D and IGBT: implementation challenges - Umesh Mahantshetty (Professor, Radiation Oncology) Daniel BERGER   ()
14:00 Leading the change: opportunities and challenges for brachytherapy in the management of cancer (Panel Discussion) - Alfredo Polo (IAEA)   ()
14:30 Practical Educational Session - Umesh Mahantshetty (Professor, Radiation Oncology) Daniel BERGER   ()
Educational Milestones in the Profession of RTT -Ms Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland ) (until 15:00) ()
12:00 Current Status of RTT education globally - Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland )   ()
12:15 The advancing and changing role of the RTT - Aidan Leong (University of Otago, New Zealand )   ()
12:30 Where are we going?: Future Directions for the RTT profession - Mary Coffey (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland )   ()
12:45 Panel Discussion: RT education, challenges and opportunities in the coming decade - Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland ) Mary Coffey (European Society of Radiotherapy and Oncology) Aidan Leong (University of Otago, New Zealand ) Gurvinder Singh Dhawan (Rajiv, Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, India) Colette Dijcks (Maastro Clinic, Maastricht Netherlands) Samuel Opoku (University of Ghana, Ghana) John Ryan (RMIT University Australia)   ()
13:25 --- Break ---
Proton Radiotherapy -Ms Karen Kirkby (Professor of Proton Beam Physics, University of Manchester, UK) (until 15:00) ()
12:00 Does it work: Developing and implementing clinical trials of PBT - Cai Grau (Aarhus University, Denmark)   ()
12:20 Medical Physics Issues in Proton Therapy: Changing from 2 phases to single phase simultaneous integrated boost (to better use the optimiser) and use of EUD for plan assessment - Matthew Lowe (University of Manchester, UK )   ()
12:40 The patient-centred PBT pathway - Vicky Hughes (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, UK )   ()
12:55 Image Guidance in proton therapy - Katja Langen (Emory University, USA)   ()
13:10 Dose Accumulation in Proton Therapy - Tony Lomax (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland )   ()
13:25 FLASH proton therapy? - Jack Aylward (Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK )   ()
13:40 Paediatric Proton Therapy - Thomas Merchant (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA)   ()
14:00 --- Break ---
Radiation Oncology Education in the Interconnected World -Ms Sandra Turner (The University of Sydney, Australia) Mr Jesper Grau Eriksen (Aarhus University, Denmark) (until 15:00) ()
12:00 Global health competencies in radiation oncology education - Meredith Guiliani (University of Toronto, Canada)   ()
12:15 Integrating radiation oncology education and research - Miriam Mutebi (Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya )   ()
12:30 Interprofessional education - Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland )   ()
12:45 Strengthening Networks in Worldwide Radiation Oncology Education: HIC Perspectives - Daniel Golden (UChicago Medicine, USA)   ()
13:00 Strengthening Networks in Worldwide Radiation Oncology Education: LMIC Perspectives - Lotfi Kochbati (Institut Salah-Azaïz de Cancerologie, Tunisia)   ()
13:15 Panel Discussion: Strengthening Networks in Worldwide Radiation Oncology Education - Ms Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland ) Meredith Giuliani (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) Lotfi Kochbati (Institut Salah-Azaïz de Cancerologie, Tunisia) Sandra Turner (The University of Sydney, Australia;) Daniel Golden (UChicago Medicine, USA) Jesper Grau Eriksen (Aarhus University, Denmark)   ()
14:00 --- Break ---
Technological developments in radiation therapy practice -Ms Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland ) (until 15:00) ()
12:00 A changed set up?: Implementation of surface guided radiation therapy - Kenton Thompson (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia)   ()
12:15 Advancing and changing practices: bringing the MRI-linear accelerator into clinical reality - Veronica Pollutri (Fondazione Policlinico Universitario "A. Gemelli", Italy)   ()
12:30 Proton therapy- new directions in treatment delivery for RTTs. - Sharon Wong (Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore )   ()
12:45 Panel Discussion: The Impact of New Technologies and the Changing Role of the RTT Profession - Nicola Bizzochi (Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland) Helen McNair (The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation, UK) Veronica Pollutri (Fondazione Policlinico Universitario "A. Gemelli", Italy) Sharon Wong (Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore) Michelle Leech (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland )   ()
13:25 --- Break ---
15:00 e-Contouring Workshop: SABR for Lung Cancer - Billy Loo (Stanford University)   ()
15:30 e-Contouring Workshop: Prostate Cancer - Mr Mack Roach III (Professor Departments of Radiation Oncology & Urology University of California, San Francisco)   ()
Paper Session 4: Radiobiology (until 12:30) ()
12:06 NTCP and estimation of secondary cancer risk in Modulated Arc Therapy for prostate carcinoma using in-house software. - Assya Boughalia (Medical Physics Department, Nucleaire Research of Algiers)   ()
12:12 Neutron Capture Enhanced Particle Therapy (NCEPT): In vitro proof of concept - Mitra Safavi-Naeini (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology, ANSTO)   ()
12:18 MECHANISM-BASED COMBINATION THERAPY IN CANCER: STUDIES ON CANCER CELLS - Manoor Prakash Hande (National University of Singapore)   ()
12:24 Concomitant boost in preoperative irradiation of rectal cancer - Elena Yermilova   ()
Advanced Technologies / Beyond 3D (until 14:30) ()
12:30 Multimodality imaging and deformable image registration - Vincenzo Valentini (Gemelli, Universita Catolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy)   ()
12:50 Automated target volume / organs at risk delineation and treatment planning - Vincent Gregoire (ICRU, University Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)   ()
13:10 Management of interfraction motion (IGRT, Adaptive RT) - X. Allen Li (Medical College of Wisconcin, USA)   ()
13:30 Advances in dose delivery (MRI linac, transponders, FLASH...) - M. Saiful Huq (University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine and UPMC Hillman Cancer Center, Pittsburgh, United States of America)   ()
13:50 --- Break ---
Expanding Access to Radiotherapy (until 14:30) ()
12:30 Global efforts - Mary Gospodarowicz (University of Toronto, Canada)   ()
12:50 Challenges - Surbhi Grover (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, USA)   ()
13:10 Translating incidence into needs - Michael Barton (University of New South Wales, Australia)   ()
13:30 Sustainability and access - Alfredo Polo (IAEA)   ()
13:50 Resources and costs - Eduardo Zubizarreta (Section Head ARBR - NAHU - IAEA)   ()
14:10 Investment framework - Danielle Rodin ( University of Toronto, Canada)   ()
Paediatric Radiotherapy (until 14:30) ()
12:30 Global Partnerships including St Jude’s activities and the GICC workshops - Paola Friedrich (St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA )   ()
12:45 Delivering Paediatric Radiotherapy within Multidisciplinary team care - Karen Marcus (Harvard Medical School, USA )   ()
13:00 CNS - Sahaja Acharya (St Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA )   ()
13:25 Non-CNS - Susan Hiniker (Stanford University Medical Center, USA )   ()
13:50 Management of late effects and follow up of the child into adulthood - Stephanie Perkins (Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, USA )   ()
14:05 Panel Discussion - Rosangela Villar (Centro Infantil Boldrini) Kirsten Hopkins (IAEA) Wondemagegnhu Tigeneh (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia) Verity Ahern (University of Sydney, Australia) Mohammed Zaghloul (Cairo University, Egypt)   ()
14:25 --- Break ---
Planning Quality Radiotherapy Services: A City Approach (until 14:30) ()
12:30 C/Can model: Planning quality radiotherapy services - Mr Diogo Neves (City Cancer Challenge Foundation)   ()
12:45 Demand and supply analysis: a city framework - Rodolfo Alfonso-Laguardia (High Institute for Applied Technologies and Sciences (InSTEC), Havana, Cuba)   ()
13:00 Building a successful public-private partnership in the health sector: key elements - Dhawal Jhamb (Senior Investment Officer, PPP Transaction Advisory Services, IFC)   ()
13:15 A Practical Example: Yangon, Myanmar - Khin Cho Win (President, Myanmar Society for Radiation Oncology) Thet Ko Aung (Technical Assistance Officer, C/Can)   ()
13:30 --- Break ---
Radiobiology (until 14:30) ()
12:30 Radiobiology of High Dose per Fraction - Mike Joiner (Wayne State University School of Medicine, MI, USA)   ()
13:00 Radiobiology of FLASH Therapy - Jolyon Hendry (The University of Manchester, UK)   ()
13:25 Personalized Radiotherapy - Loredana Marcu (University of Oradeaa, Romania)   ()
13:50 Radiobiological advances in Radiation Medicine - Marjan Boerma   ()
14:15 --- Break ---
e-Contouring Workshop (until 15:30) ()
14:30 e-contouring Workshop: CNS - Sarah Jefferies   ()
Medical Physics Education - Debbie Van Der Merwe (until 14:00) ()
12:00 IAEA Education and Training Initiatives - Giorgia Loreti (IAEA)   ()
12:20 IOMP activities in medical physics education and training - Geoffrey Ibbott (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)   ()
12:40 EFOMP activities in education and training of medical physicists in Europe - Mr Brendan McClean (EFOMP)   ()
13:00 Global Access to Medical Physics: Challenges and Opportunities (Round Table Discussion)   ()
Physics Papers 2 (until 14:50) ()
14:00 Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT): The gold standard for the present and future of radiotherapy? - Mrs Sherisse Hunte (IAEA Member state- Trinidad and Tobago)   ()
14:10 A study on the determination of relative output factors for very small fields in stereotactic radiosurgery - Mr Chi Do Duc (Author) Dr Robin Hill   ()
14:20 Establishment of an Incident reporting and learning System as a tool for Quality Management in Uganda’s radiotherapy services: A case of the low resource setting - Mr Ignatius Komakech (Radiotherapy Department, Uganda Cancer Institute)   ()
14:30 Evaluation of positionning and dosimetry uncertainties in patients treated with intensity modulation radiotherapy (IMRT) for nasopharyngeal cancers in Tunisia - Nesrine ELAMRI (University Tunis El Manar I, Medical physics unit, Radiotherapy department of Institute Salah Azaiz ,Tunis)   ()
14:40 Determination and comparison of output factors in small field for field square and rectangular field with 5 detectors for For 6 Mv. - BERTHA GARCIA (RED AUNA - CLINICA DELGADO)   ()
14:50 --- Poster Viewing ---
Audits, Quality, Safety - Ola Holmberg Debbie Van Der Merwe (until 16:50) ()
15:30 What is New? - Mr Andrew Nisbet   ()
15:45 QUATRO Auditor / Update - Mr Stefaan Vynckier   ()
15:55 Designing a framework for improving Radiotherapy Safety and Quality in Israel - Mrs Annette Wygoda   ()
16:05 Enhancing quality in radiotherapy through dosimetry audits (the IROC experience) - Mr Stephen Kry   ()
16:25 IAEA/WHO dosimetry audits: present and future - Pavel Kazantsev (IAEA)   ()
16:40 Enhancing safety in radiotherapy: the IAEA Safety Standards for Medical Uses - Ola Holmberg (IAEA)   ()
Physics Papers 3 (until 17:40) ()
16:50 Dose verification from imaging to delivery during site visits in radiotherapy - Mr Petri Sipilä (STUK)   ()
17:00 Small field absorbed dose to watwr determinations in LINC MV photon beams during site visit authority control of radiotherapy - Mr Ilkka Jokelainen (Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority)   ()
17:10 Introduction of the IAEA/WHO Electron Beam Dosimetry Audit Service - Mr Alexis DIMITRIADIS (IAEA) Mr Pavel KAZANTSEV (IAEA)   ()
17:20 Medical physics outsourcing in radiotherapy in France: services, practices, limits and points of vigilance - Magali EDOUARD (IRSN)   ()
17:30 Following up on radiotherapy dosimetry audit discrepancies (2018-2020): the IAEA experience - Mr Godfrey AZANGWE   ()
17:40 --- Poster Viewing ---
Telemedicine (until 12:30) ()
12:00 Telemedicine in Radiation Oncology - Iain WARD (St George's Cancer Care, Christchurch, New Zealand)   ()
60 years of the Directory of Radiotherapy Centres (DIRAC) (until 13:00) ()
12:30 Directory of Radiotherapy Centres (DIRAC): 60 Years and Beyond - Jose Alfredo Polo Rubio (International Atomic Energy Agency, Division of Human Health)   ()
Live session: Q&A (until 14:00) ()
Closing Remarks (until 14:30) ()