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Apr 19 – 22, 2022
Vienna, Austria
Europe/Vienna timezone
FR22 starts in Vienna 19 - 22 April 2022 Online Stream:

Study on Sodium Fire PSA Methodology for Pool-Type Sodium cooled Fast Reactor

Apr 20, 2022, 1:40 PM
Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

POSTER Track 2. Fast Reactor Safety Poster Session


Jing WANG (China Institute of Atomic Energy)


According to the sodium cooled fast reactor operation experience, about 100 sodium leakage accidents have happened in history. Sodium fire is a typical hazard in SFR, which is also one of the main reasons for its unavailability, and may be one of the main contributors to the total reactor risks. Study on sodium fire PSA methodology can not only quantitatively evaluate the sodium fire risk in SFR, but also identify the weakness of sodium fire prevention and improve the safety of SFR. Based on the specific technique and process of NUREG/CR-6850 LWR fire PSA methodology, considering the design characteristics and sodium fire characteristics of pool type SFR, a sodium fire probability safety assessment methodology for pool type sodium fast reactor is proposed. Then, an example of study on the sodium fire in secondary loop sodium pump room of China Demonstration Fast Reactor CFR600 is presented, which shows the sodium fire event sequence and its frequency of core damage. After that, several key issues which need to be further researched for sodium fire PSA in the future were discussed.

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Jing WANG (China Institute of Atomic Energy)


Ms Jingke JIANG (China Institute of Atomic Energy) Mr Lei YANG (China Institute of Atomic Energy)

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