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Apr 19 – 22, 2022
Vienna, Austria
Europe/Vienna timezone
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Complex of experimental facilities for design and safety justification of fast reactors with liquid metal coolants

Apr 20, 2022, 1:40 PM
Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

ORAL Track 5. Test Facilities and Experiments 5.1 Experimental Reactors and Facilities


Mrs Iuliia Kuzina (IPPE JSC)


For design and safety justification of fast reactors with liquid metal coolants, a complex of more than 20 experimental facilities of various functions and purposes, equipped with modern measuring instruments, including hydrodynamic, thermohydraulic and technological facilities, has been created at IPPE JSC.
In addition IPPE JSC has a complex of fast neutron facilities, including two critical facilities - BFS-1 and the neutron facility BFS-2 which is the largest in the world.
The report presents characteristics and capabilities of test facilities designed for research in the field of hydrodynamics, heat transfer and coolant technology in support of design solutions, safety improvement and testing of equipment and components of fast reactors with sodium, lead and lead-bismuth coolants, as well as for accelerator-controlled systems and thermonuclear fusion, low-power nuclear power plants for space:
– Thermal-hydraulic liquid metal test facilities - "6B" (Na, Na-K), "AR-1" (Na, Na-K), "Pluton" (Na), "SPRUT" (Na, Na-K, Pb, Pb- Bi, water).
– Technological liquid metal test facilities - "Protva-1" (Na), "Protva-2" (Na), "Armatura" (Na), "IK-MT" (Na), "SID" ( Na), "BTS" (Na), "TT-1M" (Pb), "TT-2M" (Pb-Bi), "LIS-M" (Li).
– Hydrodynamic test facilities - "SGDI" (air), "V-2" (air), "SGI" (water), "V-200" (water), "GDK" (air).
A large-scale sodium test facility "SAZ" is under construction. It will be used for testing full-scale equipment prototypes to substantiate actual and future fast sodium reactors design.
The complex of fast neutron facilities BFS is the world's only experimental facility for full-scale modeling of the cores of nuclear reactors of various types (of any composition, geometry and configuration). Components and design of the facilities can be used for modeling cores, blankets, core reflectors etc. as well as components of fuel cycles and storage facilities for radioactive waste. Fuel materials of the facilities (metallic plutonium, oxide and metallic highly enriched uranium with enrichment of 36% and 90% in uranium-235, hundreds of tons of fertile materials, construction materials, various coolants) make it possible to assemble both complex full-scale models of fast reactors, and benchmarks, experiments for which are carried out to correct neutron-physical constants and improve computational methods.
A great number of experimental researches have already been carried out at all test facilities and at present a lot of experiments are planned.

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Mrs Iuliia Kuzina (IPPE JSC) Mr D.A. Klinov (IPPE JSC) Mr G.M. Mikhailov (IPPE JSC) Mr A.P. Sorokin (IPPE JSC)

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