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May 10 – 15, 2021
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Synopsis on the Unified Feild Theory

May 12, 2021, 2:00 PM
4h 45m
Virtual Event

Virtual Event

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Mr Gordon Lewis Ziegler (ELECTRINO GROUP, INC., Lacey, WA 98503, USA)



Dear Sirs and Madams,

                 Synopsis Unified Field Theory

Sustainable fusion is now possible and achieved through a new model of science, known as the unified field theory.
The Unified Field Theory, by Gordon L. Ziegler (published in the Summer of 2014 Edition of The Galilean Electrodynamics Journal), and the Unified Particle Theory—(yet to be published) and introduced in Electrino Physics, Draft Two by Gordon Ziegler; is the model of science that Einstein tried for thirty years to discover but was unable. Within this new science is the capacity to calculate the masses of all known particles, the discovery of clean energy, and the ability to reverse the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Calculating the masses of all known particles can give evidence to, or vindicate a model of science. This is one way we know that Einstein’s Standard Model is in error. Whereas the scientific community has deducted from the quark model of physics that it takes 61 elementary particles to build the Universe, it has now been theorized in the electrino model of physics that it can be done with one—that being a negative 1/8th charged octon.
The scientific community has been trying to create fusion by simulating the fusion of hydrogen on the sun using high heat and pressure; but since their model of science is incorrect, they have not been able to create it with any efficiency. In the new model, fusion becomes much simpler, more efficient, and extremely cheaper; it is not accomplished by high heat and pressure, but through a high-powered focused magnetic field which reverses the spin on one leg of the acceleration of the matter or anti-matter to be fused. This changes the magnetic field of the particles, and, as opposed to repelling each other, they are attracted to each other and fuse.
Clean energy comes from a particle accelerator called the Electrino Fusion Power Reactor (EFPR). This is done through the fusion of the half particles of electrons (semions) in a particle accelerator. (Mainline science has not yet realized that there are half particles in electrons.)
When the semions in electrons are fused, they switch from matter to antimatter and vice versa; so when the half particles are fused, antimatter will be produced (negatrons), which will collide with the matter (protons and neutrons) in the walls of the accelerator, annihilating one nucleon each reaction, and producing a burst of gamma rays. The gamma rays are collected by a field of specialized semiconductor diodes that convert visible light into electricity, also known as a photovoltaic cell, or a solar panel.
In the initial design, one accelerator would produce 1,880 megawatts of power for less than five million dollars (construction costs), as compared to the Grand Coulee dam which produces 2,000 megawatts, or a modern nuclear reactor which can only produce up to 1,250 megawatts and cost ten billion dollars. Currently there are 100 nuclear reactors in the United States producing 100,000 Megawatts of power.
An Electrino Fusion Power Reactor is 1000 times more efficient than a nuclear reactor, with no Carbon or Hydrogen emissions or fuels or radioactive wastes. It can use virtually anything for annihilation fuel; however Copper would be the easiest. It can go five hundred years before refueling is needed. Fusion creates power from joining matter together, where nuclear fission tears it apart and causes dangerous radiation.
There has recently been new laser technology that will enable us to build the Clean Energy Source considered to be “tabletop size.” It has also been theorized that one may be built the size of a credit card. In anticipation of the best-case scenario, it seems likely that someday we will all have a power source that may be built directly into homes, factories, vehicles, and tools allowing for an unending source of clean power that has no negative implications for the environment, no need for transmission lines, or batteries for power storage devices.
In order to achieve nearly 100% efficiency with the Clean Energy Source, it is necessary that there be no energy loss through heat or decay. In order to achieve this condition, we must reverse the Second Law of Thermodynamics within the field in which the Clean Energy Source operates.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics we now experience is when the arrow between order and disorder points toward the disorder. It is when the change of order energy over time is negative or (≤0). All living matter grows to its highest state, then begins to decline in vitality, health, and eventually dies, decays, and turns back to the dust from which it came. All non-living matter is subject to wear, or deterioration. Iron rusts, wood rots, stars burn out, and even our earth is wearing away through erosion.
The benefits of reversing the Second Law of Thermodynamics are realized when the arrow between order and disorder points toward more order. It is when the change in order energy over time is positive or (>0). (Order energy is just the positive or negative energy in the creation or annihilation of particles). It is naturally negative, but we can make it slightly positive.
Electrons repel each other because of the Coulomb electric force, but through high velocity acceleration and collision of particles in the particle accelerator, that repulsion can be overcome. The strong force will overcome the Coulomb electric force and will allow the sub-particles of electrons to fuse, a process called electrino fusion. “It doesn’t take much to do the trick—10 trillionths of an Amp beam of axial oriented positrons accelerated to 940 MeV in an accelerator and collided with a reversed 10 trillionths of an Amp beam inverted axial oriented positrons accelerated to 940 MeV in another accelerator. That would reverse the order to disorder arrow in nearly five acres of land. The effect is backwards to what we would expect. Higher beam currents result in smaller areas affected, and lower beam currents result in wider areas affected”. (Child Science by Gordon Ziegler, p. 8).
Reversing the Second Law of Thermodynamics is done by fusing the anti-semions in positrons to unitons, (the core particles in protons and neutrons), in a high velocity particle accelerator called the Refresher. This fusion generates new matter, and in the process of creating new matter, a positive order energy signal is generated and transmitted in a radius footprint stemming from the Refresher in a range that can be adjusted to fit either the needs of the operator, or the desire of the nations. All matter within the field of the Refresher that has been subject to decay will not only cease to decay, but the process will be reversed! This positive order change will restore animate and inanimate objects to their original form. It would only take one Refresher to change the atmosphere of the earth and allow the Clean Energy Sources to operate worldwide.
Since radiation and burning are forms of decay, this new model of science will give us the ability to remediate the radiation from the Fukushima Japan nuclear disaster that has almost destroyed all sea life in the Pacific Ocean and is spreading globally. It will also allow us to reverse the current nova in the sun.

Affiliation President Electrino Group Inc.
Country or International Organization United States

Primary author

Mr Gordon Lewis Ziegler (ELECTRINO GROUP, INC., Lacey, WA 98503, USA)

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