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May 10 – 15, 2021
Virtual Event
Europe/Vienna timezone
The Conference will be held virtually from 10-15 May 2021

Theory of Quasi-mode Parametric Decay in Plasmas

May 12, 2021, 8:30 AM
Virtual Event

Virtual Event

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Prof. Zhe Gao (Tsinghua Unviersity)


Parametric decay instability (PDI) is a kind of nonlinear wave-wave interaction, which significantly influence the wave accessibility and heating in plasmas. In fusion plasmas, the parametric process is typically displaying as quasi-mode decay, such as nonlinear landau damping or ion cyclotron harmonic decay. [1] For these quasi-mode decays, the previous kinetic theory [2] for PDI, where quasilinear treatments are adopted for the pump as well the daughter branches, is not valid any longer. In electrostatics case, a kinetic-fluid mixed approach [3] can be employed to deal with quasi-mode decay. However, in electromagnetic case, a complete nonlinear kinetic framework should be established. In our recent works, a nonlinear kinetic theory of parametric instabilities is developed, [4] meanwhile, different approaches containing nonlinear treatments are numerically solved and compared. As an example, the PDI during the injection of low hybrid wave in plasma is investigated within the full electromagnetic framework.[5] Moreover, the theory is applied to analyze the PDIs in laser-plasma and the relation of the quasi-mode parametric decay and the so-called stimulated Compton scattering (SCS) is discussed.
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[2] C. S. Liu and V. K. Tripathi, Phys. Rep. 130, 143 (1986).
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[5] Z. Liu, Z. Gao and A. Zhao, Physics of Plasma 27 (2020) in press.

Country or International Organization China
Affiliation Tsinghua University

Primary author

Prof. Zhe Gao (Tsinghua Unviersity)


Mr Zhiyuan Liu (Tsinghua University) Mr Kunyu Chen (Tsinghua University) Ms Aihui Zhao (Tsinghua University)

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