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August 30, 2021 to September 3, 2021
Europe/Vienna timezone

Guidelines for Submission of Synopsis to OS2020

The technical programme of the conference will feature two types of content: Papers and Posters. For both types of content, presenters must submit a synopsis of between 400 and 800 words in electronic format through the conference’s web browser-based file submission system (IAEA-INDICO) by 26 March 2021. Paper copies cannot be accepted. Synopses must not include images. Submissions that do not meet these requirements may not be accepted.

Types of Submissions

When submitting a synopsis, please consider and indicate what type of presentation you would like to make. In a small number of cases, the Secretariat may advise that a synopsis is presented in a different format or modified to meet the requirements of the conference.

  • Presentation of Papers: Synopsis must present original work, with a clear outcome. After acceptance, the submitter is expected to develop this synopsis into a full paper, following the requirements and template, by 02 July 2021 and to submit the oral presentation by 02 July 2021. Submitters (or a chosen colleague) will then present full papers during the technical sessions of the conference, usually in a panel format. After the conference, all papers will be available in their entirety in the official conference proceedings.

  • Presentation of Posters: Synopsis must present original work but may provide an overview of a programme or project. After acceptance, the submitter is expected to develop the synopsis into a poster by 02 July 2021. Submitters (or a chosen colleague) are expected to print (in A0 size format) and bring their poster to the conference, where they will receive a poster stand and a scheduled presentation time. Poster presentations will have a dedicated session on each day of the conference. Synopsis of the posters will be included in the conference proceedings, but full papers for the posters will not be accepted nor published.


We request that all synopsis cover a topic area as listed in the Scientific Programme page on the web site. Authors of papers are encouraged to cover several topical areas, where appropriate .