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16th IAEA Technical Meeting on Energetic Particles in Magnetic Confinement Systems - Theory of Plasma Instabilities

from Tuesday, 3 September 2019 (09:15) to Friday, 6 September 2019 (17:30)
Shizuoka City, Japan

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3 Sep 2019
4 Sep 2019
5 Sep 2019
6 Sep 2019
Registration (until 09:45) ()
Opening Remarks - Matteo Barbarino (International Atomic Energy Agency) Yasuhiko Takeiri (National Institute for Fusion Science) (until 10:05) ()
Plenary (until 11:40) ()
10:05 Modification of Alfvén Eigenmode Drive and Nonlinear Saturation Through Variation of Beam Modulation in DIII-D - Michael Van Zeeland (General Atomics)   ()
10:40 Characteristics of fast ions profile with MHD activities and improvement of fast ion confinement with AE suppression by counter-ECCD in LHD - Kenichi Nagaoka (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
11:15 Efficient generation of energetic D ions with the 3-ion ICRH+NBI synergetic scheme in H-D plasmas on JET-ILW - Dr Yevgen Kazakov (Laboratory for Plasma Physics, LPP-ERM/KMS)   ()
Social (until 12:00) ()
Plenary (until 10:40) ()
09:15 Observation of Non-Collisional Bulk Ion Heating by Energetic Ion Driven Geodesic Acoustic Modes in LHD - Dr Kazuo Toi (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
09:50 Residual Zonal Flows for non-Maxwellian Equilibrium Distribution Function - Taik Soo Hahm (Seoul National University)   ()
10:15 Influence of fishbone-induced fast-ion losses on rotation and transport barrier formation in MAST - Clive Michael (University of California, Los Angeles)   ()
10:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary (until 12:25) ()
11:00 Investigation of beam-ion transport and acceleration during edge localized modes in the ASDEX Upgrade and MAST Upgrade tokamaks - Juan Francisco Rivero Rodriguez (University of Seville)   ()
11:35 Explosive Alfven Event in HL-2A H-mode Plasmas - Wei Chen (Southwestern Institute of Physics)   ()
12:00 Non-linear 3D hybrid kinetic-MHD simulations of ELMs in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak with MEGA - Jesus Dominguez-Palacios (University of Seville)   ()
Plenary (until 10:40) ()
09:15 Energetic particle transport in NSTX/NSTX-U multi-mode scenarios through integrated simulations - Mario Podesta (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   ()
09:50 Analysis of TAEs and FBs induced fast ions redistribution and losses in MAST using a reduced fast ion transport model - Marco Cecconello (Uppsala University)   ()
10:15 Fast-ion loss simulation with MEGA code in the Large Helical Device   ()
10:40 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary (until 12:25) ()
11:00 Experiments on Control of TAEs in ASDEX Upgrade and TCV plasmas with ECRH / ECCD - Sergei Sharapov (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy)   ()
11:35 Experimental assessment of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode control using externally applied resonant magnetic perturbations in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak - Manuel Garcia-Munoz (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)   ()
12:00 Simulations of Alfven Eigenmode Destabilized by Energetic Electrons and Energetic Electron Effects on Energetic-Ion Driven Alfven Eigenmode - Mr Jialei Wang (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
Plenary (until 10:15) ()
09:15 High-Resolution Imaging Neutral Particle Analyzer Measurements of the Local Fast Ion Distribution Function and Instability Induced Transport in DIII-D - Dr Xiaodi Du (General Atomics ) Dr Michael Van Zeeland (General Atomics)   ()
09:50 Observation of Hole-Clump Pair Using an Upgraded E//B-NPA during TAE Burst in LHD - Dr Shuji Kamio (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
10:15 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary (until 12:00) ()
10:35 Energetic-particle Transport and Loss Induced by Helically-trapped Energetic-ion-driven Resistive Interchange Mode in the Large Helical Device - Kunihiro Ogawa (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
11:10 Excitation of elliptical and toroidal AE modes by 3 He - ions of the MeV energy range in hydrogen - rich JET plasma - Dr Vasily Kiptily (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority)   ()
11:35 Predator-prey paradigm for Alfvén instability dynamics in realisitc RBQ simulations - Nikolai Gorelenkov (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   ()
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Plenary (until 15:30) ()
13:30 Electromagnetic turbulence suppression by energetic particle driven modes - Alessandro Di Siena (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)   ()
14:05 Study of shaping effect on ITG/TEM instabilities through full-f gyro-kinetic simulation - Wei WANG (Rokkasho Fusion Institute)   ()
14:40 Excitation of Alfven Eigenmodes and Formation of ITB during off-axis Sawteeth in EAST - Dr Ming Xu (Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)   ()
15:05 Magnetic Reconnection during Fast Ion Driven Alfvénic Activity - Andreas Bierwage (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology)   ()
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary (until 18:00) ()
16:00 Stability of Low Frequency Fast-ion Driven Instabilities in DIII-D - William W. Heidbrink (University of California Irvine)   ()
16:35 Effects of spatial channeling on the structure of Alfvén eigenmodes - Anton Tykhyi (Institute for Nuclear Research)   ()
17:10 MHD spectroscopy of pellet injected plasmas - James Oliver (CCFE, Culham Science Centre)   ()
17:35 Fast ion instabilities in DIII-D hybrid discharges - Deyong Liu (University of California, Irvine)   ()
12:25 --- Lunch ---
Poster (until 15:30) ()
13:30 Passing fast ion transport induced by fishbone on the HL-2A - Dr G.Z. Hao (Southwestern Institute of Physics)   ()
13:45 Effects of the non-perturbative mode structure on energetic particle transport - Guo Meng (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)   ()
14:00 Design optimization of a fast-neutron detector with scintillating fibers for triton burnup experiments at fusion experimental devices - Eiji Takada (National Institute of Technology, Toyama College)   ()
14:15 Validation of the Imaging Neutral Particle Analyzer via Pitch Angle Scattering of Injected Beam Ions* - Daniel Lin (University of California, Irvine)   ()
14:30 Role of fast-ion transport to sustain the high q min profile in KSTAR discharges - Dr Jisung Kang (National Fusion Research Institute)   ()
14:45 Observation of neutron emission anisotropy by neutron activation measurement in beam-injected LHD deuterium plasmas - Dr Shota Sugiyama (Kyushu University)   ()
15:00 Effects of 3D magnetic field on fast ion loss and Alfvenic activities in KSTAR - Dr Kimin Kim (National Fusion Research Institute)   ()
15:15 1 MeV triton confinement study on KSTAR - Jungmin Jo (Seoul National University)   ()
15:15 Characterization of Intermittent Fast Ion Transport in DIII-D - Kenneth Gage (University of California, Irvine)   ()
15:15 ECCD effect on the Helitoron J and LHD plasma stability - Jacobo Varela (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:15 Effects of anisotropic energetic particle distributions on the residual zonal flow - Zhixin Lu (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)   ()
15:15 Effects of Electron Cyclotron Heating on the Toroidal Flow in Helical Plasmas - Sadayoshi Murakami (Departement Nuclear Engineering, Kyoto University)   ()
15:15 Electrostatic potentials generated by NBI fast ions in tokamak and helical plasmas - Hiroyuki Yamaguchi (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:15 Evaluation of beam-beam fusion reaction rate considering local beam profile in toroidal plasmas - Mr Ryusei Kotera (Department Nuclear Engineering)   ()
15:15 Extensions of FIDASIM capabilities: Passive signals, 3D geometry and neutron collimator signals - Mr Alvin V. Garcia (University of California, Irvine)   ()
15:15 Fast ion driven electron drift instability in reversed shear plasmas - Mr ByungJun Kang (Seoul National University)   ()
15:15 Fast-ion D alpha diagnostic with enhanced FIDASIM in the Large Helical Device - Dr Yutaka Fujiwara (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:15 Fast-ion Dα spectroscopy diagnostics in KSTAR - Jeongwon Yoo (National Fusion Research Institute)   ()
15:15 Gyrofluid Studies on Avalanche-like Transport and Formation of Transport Barrier - YoungWoo Cho (Seoul National University)   ()
15:15 Hybrid kinetic-MHD simulations of TAE active control using RMPs in the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak - Javier Gonzalez-Martin (University of Seville)   ()
15:15 Impact of externally applied 3D fields on plasma rotation and correlation to fast-ion losses - Mrs Pilar Cano-Megias (University of Seville)   ()
15:15 Impact of Suprathermal Ions on Neutron Yield at Pre-DT Phase of ITER Operation - Dr Alexei Polevoi   ()
15:15 Modeling of Supra-thermal Electron Flux and Toroidal Torque by ECH in Non-Axisymmetric Toroidal Plasmas - Sadayoshi Murakami (Departement Nuclear Engineering, Kyoto University)   ()
15:15 Modelling of toroidal ripple field and fast ions in the COMPASS Upgrade tokamak - Dr Fabien Jaulmes (Institute of Plasma Physics)   ()
15:15 Simulation study on impact of pedestal height on energy loss process with resistive ballooning mode turbulence during pedestal collapse - Haruki Seto (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Rokkasho Fusion Institute)   ()
15:15 Spatially resolved measurements of the tail temperature of RF accelerated deuterons at JET - Arne Sahlberg (Uppsala University)   ()
15:15 Study on particle pinch mechanism for DEMO - Dr Masatoshi Yagi (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology)   ()
15:15 Suppression of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmodes by the Electron Cyclotron Current Drive in KSTAR Plasmas - Junghee Kim (National Fusion Research Institute)   ()
15:15 The LHD Neutron Diagnostics - Prof. Mitsutaka Isobe (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary (until 17:50) ()
16:00 Observation of rapid frequency chirping driven by runaway electrons in DIII-D - William W. Heidbrink (University of California Irvine) Andrey Lvovskiy (Oak Ridge Associated Universities)   ()
16:35 Kinetic Aspects of High-Z Pellet Modeling for Disruption Mitigation - Boris Breizman (The University of Texas at Austin)   ()
17:00 Runaway electron driven high frequency kinetic instabilities during quiescent phase of KSTAR discharge - Jayhyun Kim (National Fusion Research Institute)   ()
17:25 Deuterium experiment on LHD and its contribution on Energetic Particle Physics in Toroidal Plasmas - Prof. Masaki Osakabe (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
Social (until 21:00) ()
12:25 --- Lunch ---
Poster (until 15:30) ()
13:45 NBI fast ion modelling of the LHD heliotron and W7-X stellarator with the ASCOT code - Dr Simppa Äkäslompolo (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)   ()
14:00 Study of Alfvénic modes driven by energetic particles using the code HYMAGYC for the NLED AUG testcase and DTT equilibria - Dr Gregorio Vlad (ENEA - FSN Department)   ()
14:15 Frequency chirping of an energetic particle driven mode in the presence of kinetic thermal ions - Dr Xin Wang (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics) Dr Sergio Briguglio (ENEA)   ()
14:30 Global electromagnetic gyrokinetic simulations of TAEs in ITER - Thomas Hayward-Schneider (Max Planck Institue for Plasma Physics)   ()
14:45 Gyrokinetic investigation of the dynamics of Alfvénic instabilities in ASDEX Upgrade - Mr Francesco Vannini (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)   ()
15:00 Analytical estimation of drift-orbit island-width for passing ions in static magnetic perturbation - Dr Kouji Shinohara (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology)   ()
15:15 Alfvén Eigenmode evolution in NBI-heated plasmas with dynamic magnetic configuration in the TJ-II stellarator - Prof. Alexander Melnikov (National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”)   ()
15:15 Correlation between Beam Power and Knock-on Effect of Energetic Protons on Slowing-down Deuterons Observed in the Large Helical Device - Hideaki Matsuura (Kyushu University)   ()
15:15 effects of trapped energetic particles on double tearing modes - Huishan Cai (University of Science and Technology of China)   ()
15:15 Feasibility of using Orbit Tomography to infer the Runaway Electron Distribution Function from Bremsstrahlung Measurements - Dr Luke Stagner (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education)   ()
15:15 Gamma ray measurements of the runaway electron distribution function in disruption mitigation experiments at the ASDEX Upgrade and JET tokamaks - Dr Massimo Nocente (Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Milano-Bicocca)   ()
15:15 HALO : A GPU code for calculating the non-linear evolution of fast particle driven eigenmodes in Tokamaks - Dr James Buchanan (CCFE)   ()
15:15 Hybrid Simulation of Global Alfvén Eigenmode and Energetic Particle Mode in Heliotron J, a Low Shear Helical Axis Heliotron - Mr Panith Adulsiriswad (Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University)   ()
15:15 Impact of poloidal convective cells on transport processes with kinetic electrons - Dr YUUICHI ASAHI (QST)   ()
15:15 Investigation of the effective confinement time of energetic ions in LHD by using neutron measurement and simulation - Hideo Nuga (National Institutes for Natural Sciences, National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:15 Ion species mix, magnetic field, and distribution function dependence of instabilities in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies - Genevieve DeGrandchamp (University of California, Irvine)   ()
15:15 Long range Alfvenic frequency chirping in tokamaks - Mr Hooman Hezaveh Hesar Maskan (Mathematical Sciences Institute, The Australian National University)   ()
15:15 Long-term Alfvén instability nonlinear simulations and high-bandwidth linear eigenmode surveys - Donald Spong (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)   ()
15:15 Numerical analysis of two-fluid and finite Larmor radius effects on reduced MHD equilibrium with flow - Atsushi Ito (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:15 Numerical investigation of energetic particle driven interchange mode in LHD - Malik Idouakass (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:15 Parametric Study of Linear Stability of Toroidal Alfvén Eigenmode in KSTAR and JET - Jaemin Seo (Seoul National University)   ()
15:15 Relativistic guiding-center motion of runaway electrons - Dongho Park (National Fusion Research Institute)   ()
15:15 The collisional resonance function in discrete-resonance quasilinear plasma systems - Dr Vinicius Duarte (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   ()
15:15 The electron drift effect on the axi-symmetric global Alfven eigenmodes - Dr Deng Zhou (Institute of Plasma Physics, CAS)   ()
15:15 The impact of anisotropy on ITER scenarios and Edge Localised Modes - Dr Matthew Hole (Australian National University)   ()
15:15 The systematic investigation of energetic particle driven geodesic acoustic mode channeling using MEGA code - Hao WANG (National Institute for Fusion Science)   ()
15:15 Validating the LOCUST-GPU fast ion code - Samuel Ward (University of York, UK; CCFE, UK; ITER Organization)   ()
15:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary (until 17:50) ()
16:00 Quasi-periodic frequency sweeping in electron cyclotron emission of mirror-confined plasma sustained by high-power microwaves - Dr Mikhail Viktorov (Federal Research Center Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences)   ()
16:35 Analysis of velocity distribution of D-D fusion products driving ion cyclotron emission on JT-60U - Shuhei Sumida (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology)   ()
17:00 First investigation of fast-ion-driven modes in Wendelstein 7-X - Christoph Slaby (Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Teilinstitut Greifswald)   ()
17:25 Validation of the TGLF-EP+Alpha critical-gradient model of energetic particle transport in DIII-D scenarios for ITER - Eric M. Bass (University of California San Diego)   ()
12:00 --- Lunch Break / IPAC Meeting ---
Summary (until 15:20) ()
14:00 Experimental Progress - Mario Podesta (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   ()
14:40 Theoretical Progress - Andreas Bierwage (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology)   ()
Closing Remarks - Matteo Barbarino (International Atomic Energy Agency) (until 15:40) ()